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I’m Irregular, How About You?

I'm irregular, how about you?

I’m Irregular How About You?

David likes music especially drum rhythms.  You know like beat, beat pause, pause, pause beat.  Irregular beats make the most beautiful and amazing music. But what about when the drum of life is irregular, when you actually have an irregular heartbeat? 

About a month ago, we were sitting in meditation when David felt compelled to check his pulse. But something had changed! The regular heartbeat he once had wasn’t there anymore. Instead it was beat, beat, pause beat, beat, beat pause……… It was irregular, really irregular!

Claim the Timeless Love That You Are

Claim the timelss love that you are

Over the last four months our lives have gone through a wonderful, powerful and life changing evolution. We write this from our new home in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

While visiting San Miguel last summer, we were unmistakably called to be here. We knew it was time to move into what our hearts were longing for even though it meant moving away from those we loved.

Know Your Core Values?

Do you know your core values

Did you know you have core values that run like high-speed software inside you?
Do you know what your core values are and where they came from?
Feeling sick at heart and don’t know why?

Do You Know your Core Values?

Core values become measures by which we understand ourselves in relation to others and the world around us.

We’re in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, ( SMA for short), a place dear to our hearts.

SMA was up and running by the 1600’s. There is a rich mixture of foreigners and Mexicans resulting in a blending of multiple cultures coming together to promote a community where tolerance, kindness, respect and beauty can prevail for all.

Pray YOUR Way

Prayer your way

Prayer- what a heavily burdened word this has become.

Many of us carry a deeply present wound activated when the word ‘prayer’ is simply mentioned.

It is time to go beyond this word’s burden and claim the gift of the Mystical Life that prayer contains free of the wound, doctrinal history and family shadow.

We each must claim prayer on our own terms with the voice of our hearts and uncertainty speaking together in harmony into the unspeakable mystery that our lives really are.

Stop Waiting and Lose Weight

Stop waiting and Lose weight

There are many proven strategies that assist people in losing weight.

Have you tried some? We have.

Of course what we eat, when we eat and how much we exercise are critical factors in maintaining healthy weight.  And yet with all the brilliance and billions of dollars spent on weight loss, more often than not, the fat comes back.

What’s the missing ingredient that can assist us in keeping extra weight off our bodies?

Making Friends With Death

Making friends with death

What if making friends with death gave us even more vitality, joy, love and freedom?

We have seen people fight and struggle with the powerful truth that we are not designed to live permanently in these bodies. When we become ill, whether it is gravely or just a cold, what shows up is the powerful habit of looking away from and fighting the presence of our  evolutionary ally death.  When we let go of the fight and become friends, we create less friction and more ease in our lives. Of course, having a will to live and thrive is a symptom of our love of life itself.