Pray YOUR Way

Prayer your way

Prayer- what a heavily burdened word this has become.

Many of us carry a deeply present wound activated when the word ‘prayer’ is simply mentioned.

It is time to go beyond this word’s burden and claim the gift of the Mystical Life that prayer contains free of the wound, doctrinal history and family shadow.

We each must claim prayer on our own terms with the voice of our hearts and uncertainty speaking together in harmony into the unspeakable mystery that our lives really are.

Prayer, when we claim it as our own, is a living invitation to a LIVE relationship with the self we are beyond our brains, memories and beliefs.

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The following paragraph from Caroline Myss’s book  Defy Gravity eloquently sums up the how and why it is time for prayer to be reclaimed in Love by each of us.

Learn to Pray- From page 210

“Pray beyond petitioning for the stuff you want for yourself. Learn to be present to the grace of the sacred. Open yourself to the mystic that you are by nature. Your intuition is not a skill to be honed so that you can figure out how to stay safe and avoid losing money. If you think that, you will never develop more than your gut instincts. You need to challenge your fear of your life’s becoming unreasonable—because it is already unreasonable. In truth, your life has never been reasonable, it’s just that you keep hoping that tomorrow will be different and that you will find a way to bring more control into your world….

…Learning to defy gravity in your world– to think, perceive, and act at the mystical level of consciousness—- is the greatest gift you can give yourself, because it is the gift of truth. And as we are bound to learn again and again in this life, the truth does indeed set us free.”

We know “healing is your birthright”. We help people claim that. We have helped many heal the historic wound that prayer has been within them. We stand with you and for you in reclaiming YOUR voice, your heart song of prayer.

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