3 Tips to Ease Your Discomfort

  Are you Uncomfortable? That’s a good sign. Discomfort is you showing you that something is amiss or not flowing. The discomfort we feel stems from our greater aliveness. Each of us has a wealth of wisdom and knowing that is knocking on our door wanting us to let it in. Keeping our knowing at… Read more »

Are You Waiting?

  Are you Waiting? We’ve been going through a lot of change, how about you? We moved to a new country, a new home, and are stepping into the next generation of our lives. Are you waiting to see what happens in the world around you before you act?  With an election looming, fires burning,… Read more »

New from Our Angelic Allies!!!! How to Let the Light Break into the Darkness

New from Our Angelic Allies!!!!  How to Let the Light Break into the Darkness   First and foremost, know this.  We and the legions of angelic beings in relationship to Earth and you are transmitting unto you, into you, fervent blessings designed to assist you in recalibrating your life and remembering the wholeness you always… Read more »

Creating Immunity – From Our Angelic Allies

A New  Message From Our Angelic Allies!! CREATING IMMUNITY From our sacred perspective, we are broadcasting to each of you a very targeted and strong blessing of ease and of greater perspective. It is understandable that you might feel some uncertainty or fear at this time. We understand the fear of catching a disease that… Read more »