Making Peace with the Extreme

  We are in unprecedented times and making peace with the extreme may seem impossible. Triggering events can keep us in trauma and away from the necessary evolution we long for. The resulting emotions such as anger and rage, can keep us trapped in a cycle of sickness and perpetual disturbance. How we navigate our… Read more »

How Are You Like Mulan?

How Are You Like Mulan? In the 2020 Disney film Mulan, the lead character is full of life and enthusiasm and constantly doing things outside the acceptable norm.  Her family and community admonish her and tell her she must follow the cultural rules or she will dishonor them. She disobeys but continues to hide the… Read more »

3 Tips to Ease Your Discomfort

  Are you Uncomfortable? That’s a good sign. Discomfort is you showing you that something is amiss or not flowing. The discomfort we feel stems from our greater aliveness. Each of us has a wealth of wisdom and knowing that is knocking on our door wanting us to let it in. Keeping our knowing at… Read more »

Are You Waiting?

  Are you Waiting? We’ve been going through a lot of change, how about you? We moved to a new country, a new home, and are stepping into the next generation of our lives. Are you waiting to see what happens in the world around you before you act?  With an election looming, fires burning,… Read more »