Stop Waiting and Lose Weight

Stop waiting and Lose weight

There are many proven strategies that assist people in losing weight.

Have you tried some? We have.

Of course what we eat, when we eat and how much we exercise are critical factors in maintaining healthy weight.  And yet with all the brilliance and billions of dollars spent on weight loss, more often than not, the fat comes back.

What’s the missing ingredient that can assist us in keeping extra weight off our bodies?
It’s to stop waiting and lose weight.

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Have you ever wondered how much of your life is spent waiting?

Whether you’re waiting for a friend to arrive for a date, your loved one to change his or her mood, or for the bus, the very act of waiting takes us out of present time.

When you stop waiting, your body will use your life energy differently. The sacred fire that lives in your body (your life force)  is called in scientific terms, Basal Metabolic Rate, BMR. It’s the amount of energy expended just to run the body.  Of course our burn rate changes from resting to doing some form of invigorated exercise. This burn rate is a majestically intelligent and a wondrously complex thing.

And, here is a powerful “what if” to consider.
What if thinking about the future, waiting for fantasy to become reality, or hanging out in past memories, can cause our BMR to time warp itself?

Your body won’t know how to handle that.
If someone time warps themselves while waiting, their BMR runs in multiple time zones confusing the body and we start to store energy/fat because we don’t know ‘when’ we are any more.

A time warp is what happens when we begin imagining, creating a holographic reality in our minds, that we think exists and we try to live within. Our physical body is designed to live in the present. It’s really not designed to time travel, to be in different time zones at the same time. It’s designed to be here and now.

When bodies become time warped they naturally default into survival. The body’s natural reaction to survival is to store resources, fat, for the future that is uncertain and doesn’t really exist.

When we imagine ourselves in a future or a past, we create another body. If we put ourselves in multiple futures, or past memories we have multiple bodies. If our BMR senses the existence of these multiple bodies, perhaps our BMR begins to feed them throwing the needs of our physical body, here and now out of whack, out of reality.

In cultures where people are more present, they’re not surrounded by devices that put them in time-warped relationships with unseen people, like TV, computer, smart phones and video games, they tend to be leaner and generally speaking more healthy. ( NOTE- this is not about making technology bad, this is about what we do in our mind with our thinking, which puts us in multiple futures and a complex list of the past.)

We’re surrounded by invitations that take us out of the present into a designed future that we’re supposed to become. The role of advertising and mass media, generally speaking is to impose within us ideas of where we should be, what we should do and what we should look like.

How do we break the habit of waiting to live and gaining weight as an outcome?

Here are some TIPS*:

    1.  Ask yourself, Am I time warped?
      Do I spend more time in the future or the past than living the life I am living and being who I am RIGHT NOW.
    2.  Say out loud to yourself. I am here, now, present.
    3.  Say out loud to yourself – what is it time for now? If what shows up is to stand up, then stand up. If what it’s time for is to take a walk, take a walk. If it’s time to end a conversation, end it. This will reprogram you into the present.

*These Tips may appear to be deceptively simple yet they are biochemical game changers.

Being present, NOW, is the only way that real change occurs.  Soul time is NOW time.  Healing happens in the NOW.

So what are you WAITING for?

If you’re tired of waiting or are feeling heavy, we’ll help you lighten your load.
Call us 541.201 2070.

4 comments on “Stop Waiting and Lose Weight

  1. Gaye aka the Survival Woman on

    Susan and David,

    Oh my gosh – what a great piece on living in the present! I personally had never thought of living in the present as a concept affecting BMR. This is fabulous and hopefully it is okay to share with my readers at Backdoor Survival.


  2. Victoria Post on

    Hi Susan and David,
    This is fabulous. I can get so daunted by what I think I have to do to lose weight that I don’t do much of anything. What a great way to work on not procrastinating, even if I don’t know exactly where to start. This made my day. I, too, never thought of time wharps as impacting my metabolic rate, and yet, it makes perfect sense.
    Thank you.

  3. Andie Snyder, LCSW on

    David…I just love that “Why do we over-eat? We are starving for our hearts and our spirits to come present and bring forth the change that we are longing for…” so true! I like the way you said that! Thanks. Andie


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