Making Friends With Death

Making friends with death

What if making friends with death gave us even more vitality, joy, love and freedom?

We have seen people fight and struggle with the powerful truth that we are not designed to live permanently in these bodies. When we become ill, whether it is gravely or just a cold, what shows up is the powerful habit of looking away from and fighting the presence of our  evolutionary ally death.  When we let go of the fight and become friends, we create less friction and more ease in our lives. Of course, having a will to live and thrive is a symptom of our love of life itself.

A full majestic life lived out loud holds hands with the truth of our impermanence and makes friends with death. Death itself becomes the revelation of transformation it is.

Death gives us the gift of our connection to all life that is, the boundless life force of love that is our very nature.

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Making friends with death is a foundational truth that can liberate us from fear. Fear which operates at the speed of light shaping and forming our thoughts, our rationale for life, into a story that is too little to express the richness and strength each of us is.

Yes, it is counter intuitive to admit that we are grand beyond words and in the embrace of an ally called death. Yet, making friends with death will give you more ease, grace, joy, strength, passion and kindness.

Here’s some friend making inquiry

  • Risk opening the closet where all the history of fighting death resides.
  • Talk about your death with your friends, your beloved, your parents, your children.
  • Notice what’s calling you that you must be, do and discover.
  • What is your intuition, the song of your soul revealing? It may show up like a poem not a to-do list.  It may show up like grand “not-knowing”.

Making friends with death can be challenging.  We work on it every day. We have become brokers of this sacred friendship. If you want to make friends with death and grow your vitality and clarity, we stand ready as your allies. Call (541) 201- 2070.

3 comments on “Making Friends With Death

  1. Flavio Ghia on

    “The Way Of The Samurai Is Found In Death, Be Determined And Advance”, having died 7 times to date, and going into a situation, where just the other day I was faced with my potential and possible last death, all I could say was “What A Wonderful Day To Die” !!!

    “Wally” Flavio Ghia

  2. Karen Lane on

    Thank you for your wonderful perspective on making friends with death. Thinking about your provocative questions brought me into a feeling of freedom and ecstasy.


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