Spritual Healing for Mystery Illnesses

True healing does not come in one size

Listen to your symptoms

Symptoms are cries for change. To alleviate symptoms without fully discovering what change is being called for is to short-circuit the true healing process. Often, symptoms refer to conditions elsewhere in the body, and also to patterns in the mind and emotions.

Imagine seeing the oil light come on as you are driving, pulling into a gas station, and having the mechanic disconnect the wire. The light goes off – the symptom is alleviated – but the reason the light came on has not been addressed.

Many people suffer from lower back pain, but we have discovered that often this is not the result of a compressed disk or any other physical cause, but actually relates to “doubt.” If the client is able to regain confidence in themselves, this can reflect as a relaxation in the psoas muscles of the body and may alleviate the lower back pain. In such a case, the symptom brought a message and provided a pathway to spiritual healing.

Some conditions just don’t seem to go away, and sometimes we continue to injure ourselves over and over again. A process of gentle but direct inquiry can guide us towards understanding what is going on at deeper levels. Similar to a computer that continues to run an old program, our human systems are wired to operate the way they do until something changes.