Claim the Timeless Love That You Are

Claim the timelss love that you are

Over the last four months our lives have gone through a wonderful, powerful and life changing evolution. We write this from our new home in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

While visiting San Miguel last summer, we were unmistakably called to be here. We knew it was time to move into what our hearts were longing for even though it meant moving away from those we loved.

There is a risk involved when our lives call us to leave behind what is familiar and comfortable. Yet, richness of life awaits each of us when we recognize that the familiar, even the homey, may in fact be shackling us to a past that longs to be complete.

Not far from where we live are two Mayan observatories where very accurately the Mayan’s mapped the ebb and flow of the universe with extraordinary precision.

Time here in Mexico is imbued with a richness and a different structure than in other parts of the world. The concept of time is more like a spiral expanding in contrast to the standard analogue clock that drives much of American culture. So as we mark the 21st of December 2012, we can experience the gift of being liberated from time, calendars, and the scheduling of our lives.

The wonderful gift available to us is that we are each invited to reconnect ourselves to life itself.

God, the Creative Source, Life exists in the NOW.

Claim the timeless love that you are.

Healing happens in the present.

It is time to become aware of the truth that we, as infinite beings in our heart of hearts, live outside of the constraints of any calendar or clock. Great tension exists in us when we try to schedule God, the Creative Source, Life. Wondrously God doesn’t have a watch.

To say that our lives have changed since moving from the U.S. to Mexico would be an understatement. The following questions have been allies to us as we learn to receive the gifts of life that so richly surround us here.

May these questions serve you as you claim the timeless love you are.

  1. What are you called to end?
  2. What are you called to celebrate as over?
  3. What are you called to walk away from?


4. What are you called to fall in love with beyond reason?

Become a student of what love is beyond anything you’ve ever thought, hoped for or experienced.

That is the possibility we are in now.

4 comments on “Claim the Timeless Love That You Are

  1. Grace on

    Thank you on this most auspicious day, for the clear love and wisdom.
    “The alchemy (italicize) of a changing life is the only truth.”(Rumi)
    Big Love to you both.

  2. Tena & Fred on

    So happy for you both in your new way of life and living. We miss you both. Happy to have the opportunity to celebrate 12/21/12 with you both. Happy holidays to you and all the best for the year to come.
    We love you guys!

  3. Ruth Hayward on

    We, your new friends in San Miguel, feel blessed that you have chosen to make our town your home. You bring a richness to our lives that is palpable and it is with open arms that we look forward to knowing you even better as time go by
    Much love


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