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Making Friends With Death Part 2

Here’s a radical question- Have you made friends with your death?

It’s kind of a scary question until you realize that if you begin to answer it, you begin to create liberty and joy as never before. We are conditioned in countless ways not to acknowledge that our death is our constant ally and revelatory friend.

Ask yourself, if I died while reading this where would my thoughts go?

As we have both had near death experiences we know that questions show up. We know that we each have the power to create our life and a joy filled death. And our awareness of death gives us a joy pathway even in really hard circumstances.

Making friends with the great truth of our death is the root of all creative life fulfilling liberty. We make a place at the table for the life inside our death so that we can always stay updated on the path of our life and the choices we make.

Want to live in great whole loving liberty? Start to make friends with your death and your future will be filled with bright knowing.

Here’s a video about Making friends With Death from David

making friends with death







Susan and David

Death:  Ally or Enemy?
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The Man Who Died in My Arms and What I Learned

Susan’s father, Don Perkins, and I on the surface were very different men. We were brought together out of our mutual love for Susan. And yet, in my mind we were starkly contrasted people- I, the creative educator and medical intuitive and Don an international corporate leader.

One of the great gifts Don gave me was that I absolutely learned to follow was the promptings of my heart and not the noise in my mind.

dave and donTo me it was a surprising lesson to learn from a man who was very successful in the corporate world. He was highly principled, a mentor to business leaders and a man respected for asking hard questions.

Dying in Style


David and I were given a rare and loving gift during the month of March. We have been in the US caring for my father Donald Perkins who passed away Wednesday March 25th at the Age of 88.

We have had to cut back on our client load and workshops and want you all to know we will be back to our normal work schedule starting Wednesday April 1st.

Thank you to all who have supported us during this time so that we could be with our family.



 Dying in Style

Don and Susan sm

Don and Susan

My Father took the entire family on many amazing trips around the world. As he was dying, he decided everyone would gather for the Last Family Trip but this time we flew to Chicago to be with him

His wishes were that we celebrate and enjoy our family time together.

My Dad always liked to have a plan and to be in control and like his life he pulled off his death in great style. He didn’t want to suffer and thought it would be perfect to die in his sleep, and by golly he did just that.

Making Friends With Death

Making friends with death

What if making friends with death gave us even more vitality, joy, love and freedom?

We have seen people fight and struggle with the powerful truth that we are not designed to live permanently in these bodies. When we become ill, whether it is gravely or just a cold, what shows up is the powerful habit of looking away from and fighting the presence of our  evolutionary ally death.  When we let go of the fight and become friends, we create less friction and more ease in our lives. Of course, having a will to live and thrive is a symptom of our love of life itself.

Want to Meet Your Maker?

meet your maker

What is vital for each of us to remember is that we have power.
We have the capacity to create our experience of the world painfully or joyfully.

Have you ever noticed the ongoing dialogue you have with the voice inside your head?
This voice is telling us a story all the time.

We invite you to make friends with the voice inside your head, your Maker of meaning.
You can change the story you’re hearing.

What Will You Die Sooner From?

What will you die sooner from

What will you die sooner from?

Would you believe that a person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation? Death will occur in about 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks. Even though we might be well fed, it’s possible we’re starving for sleep.

During this time of challenge and change, it’s really important when we’re sleeping to actually get rest. Here are some tips.