Not So Little Cora

With the help of her two best (invisible) friends from another planet, a vividly inquisitive six-year-old girl explores an alternate world populated with talking animals and faeries.
She meets challenges at school, confronting a noxious bully, navigating the death of her dear Grandpa, and facing a sudden life and death emergency.
Searching for an answer to the question she was born asking, “What is the most loving thing to do?”
 Not So Little Cora discovers that-

“Love is bigger than big, and knows just what to do.”


So many times, we’ve been talked out of what we know to be true about ourselves, especially as children. The universe is operated by an intelligent, loving power. If we open our minds and hearts, we can learn how to listen and be guided by Love, meeting everyday challenges, helping others, and enjoying a wonderful life of creativity and adventure.

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