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Adventure to Guatemala MotoGuat2017

Adventure to Guatemala Motoguat2017

We announced on Facebook this week our #motorcycle trip #MotoGuat2017 from San Miguel de Allende to Guatemala in February. We’ve ridden much of Mexico, US and Canada by motorcycle and now we’re adding Guatemala to the list.

Motorcycling is one way we satisfy our adventurous side. We can feel the air, smell the land and connect with people more easily than traveling by car. It’s also very meditative. One has to be present to ride.

And anyone can have adventure in their lives.

Adventure is a willingness to go beyond our habits of familiarizing everything.

There is beauty and life all around that if we really plug into it makes an ordinary day extraordinary. The greater life around us is just waiting for us to say yes to going beyond our current frameworks.

What adventure is waiting for you today?

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Why a Beauty Retreat?

Tree in Pyramid

Last week we visited the Pyramid Cañada de la Virgen an Otomi site a half hour outside of San Miguel. This moment of the life force of Beauty in nature was deeply moving to us both.

Extending Holiday Offer into 2017-Awakening Into Beauty Retreat

We are extending our Holiday Offer for the Awakening Into Beauty Retreat because we feel that Beauty is the necessary energy needed at this time in the world.

The response to the Awakening Into Beauty retreat is heartening. Some have said they are so grateful we are doing this because they really need it and San Miguel is an inspirational setting.

In another conversation, as a friend asked “Why would the Beauty Retreat change my life and make it better?”

Here is our answer.

Beauty is not just an idea, it’s a living energy that wants to dance us. It connects us to the greater life we are and that surrounds us and allows possibility to unfold in our lives.

Through the processes we have designed each person will see and feel the ways they have conditioned or edited their connection to beauty. You will liberate your heart, your sacred intelligence to be in creative union with the life force beauty is.


When we have distanced ourselves from beauty our lives begin to shrink. We begin to feel that we are slaves to our lives rather than creators who are free and sovereign.

Through the lens of beauty, you can have curiosity and joy, even in the midst of challenging times. You will leave with a renewed connection to the greater life you so that you can allow new opportunities, relationships and abundance to occur in ways you could not engineer.

At Wisdom Rx, we know this really works because we’re doing this. If beauty and curiosity are not present in our lives real transformative healing is slowed down or doesn’t happen so Come and Transform through Beauty with us.

We love journeying with you,

David and Susan

Bridging Worlds

Bridging Worlds

Bridging Worlds

Nineteen years ago, our friend David Z. was on vacation in southern Colorado  with his buddy who he describes as a gray haired, Jewish, neuro-psychologist from Brooklyn. They stayed in a log cabin motel with a bar.

That night, the jukebox stopped playing and his friend asked if he could play the piano and sat down and played boogie-woogie. After one song, the place went wild. As David Z. describes, a Harley rider, with a slicked back pony tail, old fashioned tattoos, wearing an unfashionably tight t-shirt, went outside returning with a whole set of harmonicas and joined in. For David Z. these two guys couldn’t have been more different.

The New Assisted Living #2: The Flood

The New Assisted Living #2- The Flood

5:45 am- One morning a week ago, and only four days after moving into our home, David awakened to a dripping sound.  He first thought it was an app on the i-phone that was making the noise. To his surprise and shock, he stepped out of bed into 2 inches or so of warm water. He took a few steps and realized water was everywhere.


Claim the Timeless Love That You Are

Claim the timelss love that you are

Over the last four months our lives have gone through a wonderful, powerful and life changing evolution. We write this from our new home in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

While visiting San Miguel last summer, we were unmistakably called to be here. We knew it was time to move into what our hearts were longing for even though it meant moving away from those we loved.

Know Your Core Values?

Do you know your core values

Did you know you have core values that run like high-speed software inside you?
Do you know what your core values are and where they came from?
Feeling sick at heart and don’t know why?

Do You Know your Core Values?

Core values become measures by which we understand ourselves in relation to others and the world around us.

We’re in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, ( SMA for short), a place dear to our hearts.

SMA was up and running by the 1600’s. There is a rich mixture of foreigners and Mexicans resulting in a blending of multiple cultures coming together to promote a community where tolerance, kindness, respect and beauty can prevail for all.