3 Tips to Ease Your Discomfort

Are you Uncomfortable?


Are you Uncomfortable? That’s a good sign.

Discomfort is you showing you that something is amiss or not flowing. The discomfort we feel stems from our greater aliveness. Each of us has a wealth of wisdom and knowing that is knocking on our door wanting us to let it in.

Keeping our knowing at bay and staying in our comfort zone may seem to be the easier path. But we’re actually causing ongoing friction and our lives will be more difficult in the long run.

So, why do we choose to stay ignorant when we have wisdom waiting for us to draw on?

As Dr Joe Dispenza writes, The reason is because you haven’t tapped into or mustered up the immaterial spirit, energy, or essence that requires a will, attention, passion, and intensity that is greater than the voice that says ‘enough’, and greater than the body that says ‘I can’t’.”

Easier said than done.

We’ve noticed that after a while discomfort becomes familiar. Like a party guest who won’t leave. You know the kind that eat a lot, are kind of too loud, you love them but wish they’d leave.

Familiarity can disguise discomfort as comfort. Small doses of discomfort over time, numb us out so that we forget what it’s like not to be fully alive. We’ve become accustomed to living in a dulled down state.

There are moments, or multiple thresholds, we reach in our lives, where “the voice inside”, even if it’s a whisper has the greater will, the heightened focus, passion and fervor to say enough is enough. I know my life can be more than what it is now. I want to change more than I want to stay how I am.

And even the smallest leap can feel like we have to climb a mountain. But really, It’s only a few brain cells pretending to be mountains.  Your brain, habits, beliefs, and body will throw red flags in your way to keep you in your comfortable familiar  discomfort.

Had enough?

Here are 3 Tips to Ease Your Discomfort and unearth and dislodge your logjam of unacknowledged knowing and wisdom.

  • Play smart

Stop dumbing yourself down by pretending that what you know in your heart isn’t true. Your root intelligence wants you to be free. It’s waiting for you to claim that. 

  • Monitor

In certain circumstances, does your energy go up, stay the same or go down? Don’t become a glutton for punishment staying in a downer situation. Pick the circumstances to be in where you feel the most aliveness most of the time. That way when you need to go into a hard situation your inner batteries will be topped up.

  • Find a tribe

We do better when we’re with others who are committed to real transformation. The time of the rugged individual is over. We are connected to one another and need each other to hold hands with as we navigate this evolutionary time.


David and Susan

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  1. Linda Hallmark on

    These were great reminders to what is true. Love and miss you both!! Hoping you two are enjoying your new place and life!


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