The Wisdom Rx Medical Intuitive Team

David and Susan partner with your team of health advocates, seen and unseen, to help you access your wisdom and follow your heart, especially during challenging phases of your healing journey.

Quantum physics is proving what Medical Intuitives already know: how you experience your history, especially traumatic events, can unintentionally create and sustain your current experience. Beneath presenting symptoms lies a rich field of information, and we show you how to utilize this wealth of healing information for your growth and increased well-being. We work together to heal your past and create the future you envision.

David MacKenzie – Medical Intuitive

“I’ve always had the ability to see beyond the usual and feel beneath the obvious. As I listen carefully and explore with you to the roots of your dis-ease, the truth of the situation comes into focus. Action steps reveal themselves – towards answers for the deep questions and gifts your symptoms are bringing you. Evolutionary healing may occur both during and following a session.”

“I was born a Medical Intuitive. Every aspect of my life, since day one, has contributed to the skills I use in this prayerful work, communicating exactingly what I perceive within and around those I work with.”

“In my 30+ years of professional practice, and after thousands of sessions, my willingness and ability to observe the body and the surrounding energetic fields has constantly developed. I have learned to carefully attend to all the information and subtext that shows up. That’s where the gold is. That’s how our Inner Physician tells the true story of what is really needed.”

“My work is not formulaic. Everyone I work with is unique. For information to be useful it must be understandable and applicable. Therefore, I have learned to access my artist, scientist, jester and sage, to perceive from varied points of view and provide a panoramic vision of what will best serve the evolutionary life force at work in a body, mind, and spirit, even in an organization.”

“I’ve had many opportunities to use my skills of “seeing things differently.” I’ve learned to work in a broad spectrum of environments, always attending to the spirit of what’s present, often unseen, allowing it to clearly focus, in order to empower the growth of individuals or companies.”

David MacKenzie is a native of Toronto, Canada. He holds an MFA in Communications Design, and he studied applied psychology at the University of Santa Monica. The largest and oldest coaching education company, Coach Inc, chose David to be their first Chief Learning Officer.

For over 30 years David has explored assumptions about vision, perception, communication, learning, and healing, in a broad range of professional capacities.


Susan Perkins – Wellness Coach

“When I had a near death experience, as a result of complications during surgery, I was graced with a radically new perception of my life, far different than anything I had known. I learned that all of us choose our lives from a place beyond DNA and environmental conditioning. This understanding activated the development of my own healing gifts.”

Susan Perkins was born in Evanston, Illinois.  She holds a BA in Drama from Dartmouth College and is a Certified Coach through Coach U. She was a professional actor, and owned Everyday Wonder Productions, a Visual Communications company where “media is medicine.” Susan also had a weaving studio and produced bespoke pieces for her clients.

When Susan began working with David, a Medical Intuitive, they quickly discovered Susan’s ability to hold the energy with David while expertly transcribing sessions. This has measurably improved client ability to integrate information and accelerate healing.

She created the Teen Leadership Institute in Olympia WA. As a mother of two daughters and as a Wellness Coach, Susan has steadily deepened her heart understanding of human needs and developed a welcoming presence that invites clients to have the courage to explore their lives in order to find clarity, growth and healing.

“I partner my intuitive gifts with David’s to ensure that together we provide a greater loving envelope of support and transformative opportunities for our clients.”

NEW Winter 2018-

Susan has authored a “children’s book” also for adults called Not So Little Cora available Spring 2019.

With curiosity, wonder and a love filled heart, you will adventure through a world that just might rekindle your own child like spirit. Cora exudes love and hasn’t lost the magic of her gifts as a soul.

As one reviewer said “It awoke the Cora inside of me that I had to ‘protect ‘ for so long since I was a kid, and had to keep that part of me hidden.  Your book has inspired me to bring that inner kid out again and see life from a higher and loving perspective! I’ll be very excited to give more than a few copies to adults too!” C. Pradilla San Miguel de Allende