How Are You Like Mulan?

How Are You Like Mulan?

In the 2020 Disney film Mulan, the lead character is full of life and enthusiasm and constantly doing things outside the acceptable norm.  Her family and community admonish her and tell her she must follow the cultural rules or she will dishonor them.

She disobeys but continues to hide the truth of who she really is choosing to pretend to be a man so she can become a warrior. However, in order to save the empire, she needs to have full access to her life force, her chi/qi, and must reveal who she really is. She can’t hide her truth anymore or the empire will be lost.

How much are you like Mulan?

How much of your life have you lived denying your truth?

Maybe you’ve tried to please others, do what’s ‘right’, and even accepted the notion that that’s just the way things are? It takes energy to suppress our full nature and that costs us life force. In a myriad of ways, we deny the truth in our hearts.

As our Sacred Allies shared with us:

“Long ago, as part of the human mental engine, people decided to create a shield identity to perceive the world through, until they felt and hoped they could feel safe to emerge out from behind the shield in their wholeness.”

Mulan didn’t feel safe to emerge in her wholeness until she knew she had to in order to save others. As young beings, we complied with those around us out of necessity. We had to depend on others to stay alive until we could take care of ourselves.  We learned what was acceptable and not in those systems, and without examination, we carry them forth hindering the full expression of ourselves.

Part of the curriculum of planet Earth is to reunite with our true selves and have the confidence and courage to express from the soulful wholeness we are. But until we become aware that we have been trained into our beliefs and habits our actions are on auto pilot.

Awakening from the illusions we have lived by takes courage, commitment, and compassion. Courage to make the ongoing choice to step into the unknown, Commitment to stay the course, and compassion for ourselves and others as we ALL are here to evolve.

Let’s celebrate the gifts of the miracles that life is.

Let’s choose as Mulan did, to be in integrity, to become whole and live from that.

Love,  David and Susan

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One comment on “How Are You Like Mulan?

  1. Deborah Garrity on

    I feel, as though, we are constantly evolving, within All of Life’s Experiences… I have recognized and acknowledge that I have evolved, into, and within, living My life, by, my choices, (within my means) within Integrity, itself; as I have, Eternal Faith, and Utter Trust, Within, My Soul, Source, and Spirit, Within My Gracious Loving, Caring, Compassionate and Open Heartfelt Soul…

    From here, is where, True Life Within, Begins Itself Anew… The Rhealm of the unknown within All; of, what’s next, around the corner, or bend… And the ability, choices, and disposition, of our determination, within each, we encounter…


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