7 Guiding Principles For Aliveness and Wellbeing

Living in today’s modern society can be challenging and at times even frightening. We are connected via technology; however our fears have us believe that we are truly alone wondering if we really belong here.

These fears manifest in our lives through our body, our relationships, our finances and more and ultimately can leave us paralyzed and not truly living the life we really want to live.

We know deeply in our souls that now is the time for a new paradigm of aliveness and well-being that goes beyond alternative medicine or preventative medicine right into the heart of our DNA.

We believe if we can change our view of health we can ultimately change our destiny. We’ve taken our 30+ years in the healing profession, our witnessing of thousands of miraculous transformations, and distilled them into seven guiding principles.

These principles are the building blocks of wellness. They are the foundational structure from which you can truly live. They will allow you to address adversity and overcome challenges when you didn’t think it was possible.

1. Collective Wisdom Empowers Greater Knowing

When you were born you were given a free pass to greater knowing that you could use to learn, grow and heal. You’re always connected to the universal web of collective wisdom even when you think you’re not.

There is a bad habit in the world of talking us out of using that pass and using our greater knowing.

Here’s the good news.

It’s still in you no matter how much you feel cut off from your own greater knowing. Over and over again, science tells us that we are all connected. That means that no matter where you are and what you are experiencing you are connected to a battery of wisdom that’s really powerful.

True wellness is regaining the experience of that connectivity and accessing the wisdom of life.

As we start to grow up, we are programmed to ignore this connection. We are trained to think that everyone else knows more about us than us. Accessing collective wisdom supports you to become the You you’ve always wanted to be.

Collective wisdom is accessed through your intuition, feelings and the information in your mind and sometimes a combination of all three. The key to using collective wisdom is turning on your curiosity and wonder.

2. Using Your Courage Changes Everything

To change we must step into the unknown. That is an act of courage.

The courage you need to face the challenges in your life, health and well-being already reside within you.

Your courage just may be hard to access but it’s there.

Restoring the power of your courage begins with remembering a time when you were courageous.

The very act of being born was an act of courage, an accomplishment that often goes uncelebrated. Or remember standing up to a school bully, saying what you really wanted even though you were scared, or that moment you jumped off a diving board for the first time.

Using your courage helps you set the compass in your heart so that you can know what you really need.

3. Death is Your Friend and Teacher – Really!

We have a culturally ingrained habit of denying death. That denial gives us a very distorted idea about life and health.

Most approaches to health and well-being don’t include our inevitable death as part of the health equation. The amount of energy used to avoid death takes away from our greater vitality

True health, in the deepest sense, begins with accepting death as a natural part of your living experience.

You will die, yet, you will not die.

Only your body will die.

Who you are, the Spirit that animates your body, lives on forever.

We chase our tails when we try to be well and push our inevitable death away. Death is a great friend and teacher and surprisingly has a lot of energy to give.

4. You are 100% Creative. It’s what you are

Creativity is your fundamental nature. It is you.

We are programmed to admire those who are famous because of their creativity but each of us has a unique creative gift to express.

You already are an artist and your canvas is your entire life! You’re creating all day long by the choices you make.

The life of beauty, passion, love, and adventure that you crave shows up when you use your own creativity to break free and thrive.

5. Real Nourishment is more than What You’ve been Told

Real Nourishment is more than good food, exercise and a pile of vitamins.

We starve in the midst of plenty.

What are we really hungry for?

Denying our grief, our sorrow and anger, all the dark qualities that our civilized world has demonized in favor of superficial, manufactured, artificial “success,” separates us from life’s gifts and essential nourishment we need to thrive.

Fortunately, life brings us all opportunities to travel deep into the dark. We get a diagnosis, a family member dies, something goes horribly wrong. What then? For optimum health we can seize the opportunity to mine for the rich nutrient in those dark moments.

6. Some of Our Current Ideas Are Too Small to Live In.

What’s an idea anyway?

Ideas are tools- they shouldn’t be bars in a prison.

Are your ideas working for you or are they making you a slave?

We can live our whole life with ideas we learned when we were young and wonder why we never grow up to become the adults we want to be.

Ideas are like software from which you create your life. You can have a new operating system made up of new ideas.

Changing ideas about others and ourselves frees us to have more passion, joy, creativity and love. Those are ingredients for life-long well-being.

7. Awareness is Curative

We live in a world where being distracted has become ordinary. There is something always yelling for our attention and it’s hard to focus or be aware.

The first step to reactivate aliveness and wellbeing is to notice all the pieces; the dark and light, sad and happy, beautiful and ugly that make up the picture of our lives. What’s amazing is that when we see it all, it all changes.

Most of us, when we’re really challenged in life and health, would rather get past the discomfort of not knowing what to do. That’s because we may not like some of the pieces we see. If we’re simply aware of the pieces, they’ll come together in a way that will show us what we need to do.

Becoming aware is the on switch for the miraculous. The miraculous can be surprising, wonderfully unreasonable and really what we need to go past what seems impossible into the rich life before us.

Aliveness and wellbeing come out of our willingness to learn, grow and heal. When we admit that we don’t know and are willing to go where we haven’t gone before, the miraculous is possible. We stand with you as evolutionary partners for the life you were born to live.

In Love,

David Mackenzie and Susan Perkins, Wisdom Rx

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