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Bridging Worlds

Bridging Worlds

Bridging Worlds

Nineteen years ago, our friend David Z. was on vacation in southern Colorado  with his buddy who he describes as a gray haired, Jewish, neuro-psychologist from Brooklyn. They stayed in a log cabin motel with a bar.

That night, the jukebox stopped playing and his friend asked if he could play the piano and sat down and played boogie-woogie. After one song, the place went wild. As David Z. describes, a Harley rider, with a slicked back pony tail, old fashioned tattoos, wearing an unfashionably tight t-shirt, went outside returning with a whole set of harmonicas and joined in. For David Z. these two guys couldn’t have been more different.

Remembering Our Real Roots

Remembering our real roots

“The remembrance of love and of yourself as a loved one goes back to the memory of your soul’s creation.  It’s part of your DNA. It’s part of what you come into existence with.”

This quote from The Book of Love and Creation by Paul Selig is like holy water to us. Roots are quiet and the foundation of all that grows. We have roots just like a tree. They provide grounding and nourishment to our lives.

This tree is a great example of “as Above, so Below’.  The canopy of leaves is about the same size as the roots below.

We, like this tree, are rooted in Love. Remembering our real roots is easy to forget or disconnect from. We tend to think we’re in charge of love and thankfully we’re not. Love waters our roots. It’s the nutrient we long for.

Even when we think we’re unlovable, no matter how

ADD Attention Differently Designed

What if Attention Deficit Disorder was redefined as ADD- Attention Differently Designed?

My Attention was always Differently Designed (ADD). I’m so thankful.

I am a wildly dyslexic gleefully happy man. Were it not for my rather astounding level of dyslexic perception, I would not be the Medical Intuitive that I am nor would I have had the visual skills to be the successful photographer and filmmaker that I have been.

My own unique form of perception is a gift I learn from everyday.

Thank God I was just called weird or stupid and wasn’t drugged like so many millions are today. My attention as a child by contemporary measures moved around a lot.  I was always drawn to the spaces between things and people.

The New Assisted Living #2: The Flood

The New Assisted Living #2- The Flood

5:45 am- One morning a week ago, and only four days after moving into our home, David awakened to a dripping sound.  He first thought it was an app on the i-phone that was making the noise. To his surprise and shock, he stepped out of bed into 2 inches or so of warm water. He took a few steps and realized water was everywhere.


Curing “Blindness”

Curing "Blindness"

There are many forms of blindness.

There are those who stop seeing because physically their eyes or their brain are no longer capable of producing the result we call sight. And there are others’ whose thoughts are so thick that they see the world through a logjam of beliefs, ideas and ideologies, expectations, hopes and habits resulting in a different loss of sight.

We’re referring to this logjam kind of blindness. How do we cure “blindness”?

How Thick is a Thought Anyway?

How thick is a thought?

Thoughts are things we create.

We’re filled with millions of them. They’re just part of being human and having a brain.

And thoughts can free us or run us.

Sometimes a thought or idea can seem to have the thickness and vastness of the Grand Canyon. They seem so thick that they feel insurmountable as if they are running the show.  And often they are.

Just how thick is a thought anyway?