How Thick is a Thought Anyway?

How thick is a thought?

Thoughts are things we create.

We’re filled with millions of them. They’re just part of being human and having a brain.

And thoughts can free us or run us.

Sometimes a thought or idea can seem to have the thickness and vastness of the Grand Canyon. They seem so thick that they feel insurmountable as if they are running the show.  And often they are.

Just how thick is a thought anyway?

In your mind, take a step back and see the screen in the front of your movie mind theater. You can actually observe your thoughts gluing themselves together. Our thoughts can seem like an IMAX movie giving the appearance of surrounding us with an actual reality when in fact what we are experiencing is chemical magic presenting itself as a reality that wants to take over and manage the world in front of our eyes.

In truth our thoughts are only electrical signals, microscopically thin chemical structures that travel through our brain and drive our emotions.

We are in charge of our thoughts and of course our feelings. We’re the creators. Sometimes we just forget that we are.

Something really fun starts to happen when we use our wonder as a tool and notice the tininess of our thoughts in the overall scope of what Life is. Wonder gives us the awareness that we are just making up our thoughts.

We know that thoughts can gain a lot of speed and seem infinite in their size.
And you are vaster, bigger than any thought. The Soul you are knows this.

Here’s a tool we’ve been testing that really works. It’s simple and powerful.

Use this sentence as a key to your freedom from the endlessly thick looping movies our thoughts can be.

“Oh, I see I’m thinking that thought.  Isn’t that interesting.”

Thoughts are inventions we create at the speed of light. Using your wonder as a lens to see your thoughts will slow them down simply and quickly then you can see you are creating them. As the creator you reclaim your power to experience your Life without the noisy thick thought movies in the way. This is the beginning of changing habits that are the outcome of thoughts. If you see the thoughts, you can recognize them and begin to change habits into choices you’re consciously making.

Remember, Awareness is curative.

Our thinking does have a big impact on how we live and what we experience as Life. Our thoughts can make the natural ebb and flow of illness easy or hard.

Noticing your thoughts and remembering you’re the inventor is fantastically freeing and empowering.

So, consider this…

What if our “thoughts” around health and wellness are making us sick?

How about using our thoughts to evolve ourselves into greater health well being and vibrant joy.


5 comments on “How Thick is a Thought Anyway?

    • Susan and David on

      Thanks Martin for the evolutionary feedback. We’ve added a new ending. “How about using our thoughts to evolve ourselves into greater health well being and vibrant joy.”

  1. Name on

    Do we make our thoughts, do they make themselves, or do they arise in awareness, like swans that fly over a still lake with no intention of creating the reflection in the waters below? What is it that perceives these ‘thoughts and then assumes these thought forms belong to us? Is any thought ‘true?’ I have found that all my suffering is borne on the belief that a thought is true. Yet, we know that thoughts have their role in neuroplasticity, etc. Does this make them true? When we are truly at peace with what is, wellness can arise irresistibly from such clarity.


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