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Curing “Blindness”

Curing "Blindness"

There are many forms of blindness.

There are those who stop seeing because physically their eyes or their brain are no longer capable of producing the result we call sight. And there are others’ whose thoughts are so thick that they see the world through a logjam of beliefs, ideas and ideologies, expectations, hopes and habits resulting in a different loss of sight.

We’re referring to this logjam kind of blindness. How do we cure “blindness”?

How Thick is a Thought Anyway?

How thick is a thought?

Thoughts are things we create.

We’re filled with millions of them. They’re just part of being human and having a brain.

And thoughts can free us or run us.

Sometimes a thought or idea can seem to have the thickness and vastness of the Grand Canyon. They seem so thick that they feel insurmountable as if they are running the show.  And often they are.

Just how thick is a thought anyway?