Curing “Blindness”

Curing "Blindness"

There are many forms of blindness.

There are those who stop seeing because physically their eyes or their brain are no longer capable of producing the result we call sight. And there are others’ whose thoughts are so thick that they see the world through a logjam of beliefs, ideas and ideologies, expectations, hopes and habits resulting in a different loss of sight.

We’re referring to this logjam kind of blindness. How do we cure “blindness”?It comes from understanding the difference between “seeing” and “looking” and growing the skill of seeing.

It’s easier than you ”think”.

At this time in the world, we all need our sight to chart a course for Life.

This kind of blindness is just as powerful as a physical disability in our eyes, perhaps even worse in its outcome.  And this blindness comes from our domesticated thinking patterns creating a dense fog in our minds that cloud our natural desire and capacity to see with our hearts.

The vision of the heart promotes the vibrancy of Life that comes from Soul forward seeing. This is the kind of “seeing” that results in “ a knowing that you know that you know.” Remember how good that feels?

When we “look” for something, we look through filters that are attached to ideas, beliefs or doctrines. We look out into a world with a filter that wants to be confirmed or connected to what’s in front of us. Looking is what feeds our beliefs.

Wonder turns on seeing. It is the artist eyes within you, the real you that turns on and simply sees the truth, beauty, uncertainty and aliveness of Life itself right in front of you.

So, Ask yourself am I seeing or looking?

Seeing occurs in the present.  Looking happens through the lens of the past.

To see or not to see?  That is the question.

All the great art in the world has come from the act of seeing, not looking. You have a seer inside you that wants to give you your version of a Mona Lisa or a Sistine Chapel everyday.

You don’t have to paint it or make it you can just see it.

What’s the cure for this kind of blindness?
Here are some first steps to free your seeing.

1. Wonder– The simple act of wondering, seeing beyond the fenced in world of the predictable will activate your Soul forward seeing.

2. Notice– When you notice the logjam of beliefs, memories, and hammered in patterns are in the way, they stop.

3. Be Curious– You can reclaim your pure sight, your soulful seeing, simply by being curious about how you came to see the world a certain way.

Wonder, noticing and curiosity will clear the logjam and give you moments of freedom and beauty and restore your birthright to see the word before you anew. It will feel like a breath of fresh air.

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  1. Tashina on

    Thanks for your wisdom always nice to hear what is coming through the two of you. I have to admit I am always wanting to see a beautiful pic of the two of you.. I miss your smiling hearts. Love to you both…


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