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Remembering Our Real Roots

Remembering our real roots

“The remembrance of love and of yourself as a loved one goes back to the memory of your soul’s creation.  It’s part of your DNA. It’s part of what you come into existence with.”

This quote from The Book of Love and Creation by Paul Selig is like holy water to us. Roots are quiet and the foundation of all that grows. We have roots just like a tree. They provide grounding and nourishment to our lives.

This tree is a great example of “as Above, so Below’.  The canopy of leaves is about the same size as the roots below.

We, like this tree, are rooted in Love. Remembering our real roots is easy to forget or disconnect from. We tend to think we’re in charge of love and thankfully we’re not. Love waters our roots. It’s the nutrient we long for.

Even when we think we’re unlovable, no matter how