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A Journey or a Trip?

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A Journey or a Trip?

‘Trip’ is a word with so many meanings.

Back in the old days of longer hair and patchouli oil a ‘trip’ was what happened when someone took some form of hallucinogenic drug. Sometimes people really changed. They understood their spirit in a new way. Other times they were just entertaining or distracting themselves.

Sometimes the word ‘trip’ is used to describe going from one place to another. We want to get there quickly on the super highway.  Other times it can be a little slower but we still want to “get there’ just the same.

Journeys are very different.

The Man Who Died in My Arms and What I Learned

Susan’s father, Don Perkins, and I on the surface were very different men. We were brought together out of our mutual love for Susan. And yet, in my mind we were starkly contrasted people- I, the creative educator and medical intuitive and Don an international corporate leader.

One of the great gifts Don gave me was that I absolutely learned to follow was the promptings of my heart and not the noise in my mind.

dave and donTo me it was a surprising lesson to learn from a man who was very successful in the corporate world. He was highly principled, a mentor to business leaders and a man respected for asking hard questions.

Dying in Style


David and I were given a rare and loving gift during the month of March. We have been in the US caring for my father Donald Perkins who passed away Wednesday March 25th at the Age of 88.

We have had to cut back on our client load and workshops and want you all to know we will be back to our normal work schedule starting Wednesday April 1st.

Thank you to all who have supported us during this time so that we could be with our family.



 Dying in Style

Don and Susan sm

Don and Susan

My Father took the entire family on many amazing trips around the world. As he was dying, he decided everyone would gather for the Last Family Trip but this time we flew to Chicago to be with him

His wishes were that we celebrate and enjoy our family time together.

My Dad always liked to have a plan and to be in control and like his life he pulled off his death in great style. He didn’t want to suffer and thought it would be perfect to die in his sleep, and by golly he did just that.

Guadalupe -The Game Changer

Guadalupe -The Game Changer

About a year ago we began to have some disturbances in our neighborhood here in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

One morning, we discovered very large graffiti covering about 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall on an exterior wall of our house.  In addition there had been a theft at a neighbor’s house. We talked with neighbors and some thought it might be good to hire a night watchman, but no consensus was reached.

A Gift in Your Name

We gave a gift in your name.

This year has been a time of evolution, healing and growth for all of us. It was sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter but we all shifted. And each of us Is arriving in this new year into an aliveness we have longed for.

For us at this time of renewal, we have been taking some necessary self-care.  At our first stop in Melaque on the Pacific coast of Mexico, we were “lucky enough” to stay at Villa Xochipilli. All of our angels were guiding us to this place.

Radical Call to Freedom & Action- Vista CA

Our  recent journey in the US wasn’t so much a patchwork of individual pieces but more like a tapestry of interwoven people, places and heart.
The final stitch came from Vista California.  The blessing below is a radical call to freedom and action.

Our friends Chris and Mariko were our hosts. They are the international champions for the powerful healing plant Moringa.

Courage Blessing from Sebastopol

There were those that gathered that wanted to say it cannot be done.
There were those that pointed to the shadows and said no, the shadows will eat the light.

We your allies we who love you, love you, love you are offering a blessing of valiance, a blessing of courage that is longed for that your land and your fellows need you to be.

We your allies see the hunger that lives in the bottom of your hearts that often you put a smile on, but we gift you with an altar to bring this sorrow in the bottom of your hearts into the light and in the light you will know you are not alone.

The courage you hold is duly noted. We stand close, closer than you can imagine IN loving with you as reminders that you are wildly alive and you are called to radicalness. You are called to be bearers of a truth that must be known.

A Blessing from Portland

Sometimes there is a story that must be told.

Each one of you carries a story you are telling yourselves. There is a time in the world and it is now when you have a choice. You can decide to keep the same story going or you can end it. You can close the chapter and know that you will not be abandoned. You will not be left behind.

Whatever beliefs you have that call you to be a survivor will end if you let yourself trust, yes trust, that you know beyond the reasoned conditioning of your mind that you are made of something greater than you have been told.

How do you do this?