Our Bodies Contain Miracles Every Moment

miracles every moment

This very second you’re living in a miracle.

Our bodies contain miracles every moment. Your body is performing functions, creating cells, letting cells die and giving you a home to live in while you are here.

We’ve been studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza so that we can understand how to help ourselves and our clients truly reprogram their consciousness, their nervous systems and the patterns in their bodies and minds.

We are discovering through our own experiences how pliable we really are.  As we are fond of saying, we are built to learn, grow and heal.  Indeed it IS our birthright.

Awe and gratitude can’t help but be the outcome of reading the following section from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, ‘You Are the Placebo: Making your Mind Matter.

This is from a section in which he is describing the true quantum reality we are that empowers us.

Call it what you will, but this is the universal intelligence that’s giving you life right now. It organizes and orchestrates the hundreds of thousands of notes in the harmonious symphony that is your physiology— those things that are part of your autonomic nervous system.

This intelligence keeps your heart beating more than 101,000 times a day to pump more than two gallons of blood per minute, traveling more than 60,000 miles in each 24-hour period.

As you finish reading this sentence, your body will have made 25 trillion cells.

And each of the 70 trillion cells that make up your body execute somewhere between 100,000 to 6 trillion functions per second. You’ll inhale 2 million liters of oxygen today, and each time you inhale, that oxygen will be distributed to every cell in your body within seconds.“ (p. 197)  Kindle Edition.

Wow, all those words point to the aliveness miracle happening inside us this moment.

We’re taking a workshop in April with Dr. Joe in Mexico City. The things we are learning now from his videos, the preliminary reading and the self-development work are life changing for us. We are already using what we’re learning with our clients and in our own lives on a daily basis.

We’ll continue to share in our Tools for Thriving so that you can know and claim your power to truly change the way you live and feel the world around you regardless of your circumstances.

Thanks for journeying with us.


Susan and David

Wisdom RX

5 comments on “Our Bodies Contain Miracles Every Moment

  1. Susan Drouilhet on

    Good morning, Susan and David – I opened my email this morning briefly to see if there were any inspiring Easter messages, and I found your reminder of the ongoing miracle of death and rebirth happening every nanosecond in our bodies and in our lives and in our universe. Thank you for this inspiring re-membering. Happy Easter! With Gratitude and Love, Susan

  2. Artur weiss on

    I am awed about what my body is acomplisHing even at t.he moment for sending this on. Thank you.
    Would David send on the video he suggested I view. I look forward to learning more about my body and how the universal energy source keeps us all going.
    With much love,


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