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Why a Beauty Retreat?

Tree in Pyramid

Last week we visited the Pyramid Cañada de la Virgen an Otomi site a half hour outside of San Miguel. This moment of the life force of Beauty in nature was deeply moving to us both.

Extending Holiday Offer into 2017-Awakening Into Beauty Retreat

We are extending our Holiday Offer for the Awakening Into Beauty Retreat because we feel that Beauty is the necessary energy needed at this time in the world.

The response to the Awakening Into Beauty retreat is heartening. Some have said they are so grateful we are doing this because they really need it and San Miguel is an inspirational setting.

In another conversation, as a friend asked “Why would the Beauty Retreat change my life and make it better?”

Here is our answer.

Beauty is not just an idea, it’s a living energy that wants to dance us. It connects us to the greater life we are and that surrounds us and allows possibility to unfold in our lives.

Through the processes we have designed each person will see and feel the ways they have conditioned or edited their connection to beauty. You will liberate your heart, your sacred intelligence to be in creative union with the life force beauty is.


When we have distanced ourselves from beauty our lives begin to shrink. We begin to feel that we are slaves to our lives rather than creators who are free and sovereign.

Through the lens of beauty, you can have curiosity and joy, even in the midst of challenging times. You will leave with a renewed connection to the greater life you so that you can allow new opportunities, relationships and abundance to occur in ways you could not engineer.

At Wisdom Rx, we know this really works because we’re doing this. If beauty and curiosity are not present in our lives real transformative healing is slowed down or doesn’t happen so Come and Transform through Beauty with us.

We love journeying with you,

David and Susan

Invocation for Joy and Strength 2017

Many have concerns about the year ahead.

We asked our sacred allies to provide an invocation blessing to assist us in growing and empowering ourselves as we enter the New Year.

It is important that we all open to the state of revelation that will assist us in navigating with joy, strength and clarity the evolutionary patterns that will be birthed.

The root of the word revelation means to lift above. We can all lift above the noise and confusion and see, feel and know how to move on the path that love itself wants us to be on.

Invocation Blessing for Joy and Strength

Sons and daughters of holy light, we, your sacred allies stand with you closer than ever.

There will be fears and doubts in the air that you will feel.
They are not your truth.
They are symptoms of an up-welling of huge change.

Even though all around you turmoil might prevail, you have within the true roots of your being, a pool of calm truth, of abundance in all ways.

And enormous strength that is truly who you are.

During the rocky periods focus within on that pool of light and you will rise above the waves and see the shore of a new land calling to you. Trust that you will arrive because you are on your way.

Love knows love.
And you are being magnetically drawn moment by moment, day by day to a new land in which joy and love are the foundations.
Remember you are not alone.

Feel the aliveness of the space around you.
There is a holy breath there holding you now.
You are enclosed in holy aliveness.
Receive this energy and you will know with certainty how to act.

Remember, remember your mind at times will scramble in all the differences around you. It is hunting for a solution based on the past.
That is what minds do.

The soul you are holds your mind in check and can feel the rising sea of truth that will lift you up and above and away from the dead gravities of old thinking patterns.

If you allow, we will help you claim the bright newness waiting within your next breath to be activated. Simple say:

I am open. I receive the light, the song of the new and I give over my will into the presence of the holy of holies, the life beyond all my memories, thoughts and words. And in this knowing, I am met with warmth and tender embrace by the source of my life itself.”

We shall all step forth together leaving behind the anchors of the past. Claim your lightness and rise.

In strength and alliance, in holy union, we your beloveds hold you and know you.

Brought forth in love,

David and Susan
January 1, 2017

Sharing Beauty Stories

leaf with Dew


We wanted to share a blog written by our partner in Journey’s In Transformation, Gwen Mazer, so you could have taste of the heart and passion she has for Beauty. In March 2017 our RetreatAwakening Into Beauty centers around Beauty from the inside out where we can breathe in its essence and connect with our source.

by Gwen Mazer

Beauty knows no bounds, she is to be found everywhere.  She awes us with her stunning variations, in the spirit of nature with a walk in the woods, the infinite shapes and colors to be found in a flower, the fluttering of a hummingbird, the sparkle and roar of the sea. We are moved by the symphony of light, the sunrise, sunset, touched by the brilliance of the moon on a crystal clear night, surprised by the colors in a puddle after the rain.

Beauty manifests as joy in the delight and wonder of a gaggle of little children, the sound of their chatter, the colorful bouquet of their assorted clothing, and the air of innocence as they go ambling down the street hand in hand.

Beauty takes our breathe away with the fluid movement and grace of a ballerina, thrills us with the soaring flight of a modern dancer as he leaps gracefully through space, sends us into a moment of heavenly grace on the notes of music exquisitely played.

Physical beauty can be joyful to behold, can cause pain and anguish if we indulge in comparison or mistake glamour for real beauty. It can unravel our minds with desire, rage, envy, or lust. It can cause us to lose our senses, to forget the real source of beauty the light that shines from within.

In beauty is the embrace of true connection, serenity, compassion, love of the face lined with years of living, the delight of a baby born brand new, the eros of true love found and consummated, empathy, caring and deep intention to understand the feelings of another.

Beauty of being is discovered in our vulnerability, when we are willing to be truly seen by another. Beauty is found in our willingness to explore our perceptions, our thoughts, when we let go of our ideas of the other and realize we are all part of the human family.

Beauty can visit in unexpected moments, times when we have been cracked open enough to hear the quiet whisper of our inner voice and we listen. We may be guided to a fork in the road, to a path untraveled. We trust beauty to be our guide and travel onward as she lights our way towards wisdom and well-being.

We’d love to hear what’s beautiful in your life. Please share below.

Yours in Beauty,
David and Susan

p.s. We’ve decided to extend our Special Holiday Offer until December 31, 2017 for our RetreatAwakening Into Beauty in San Miguel de Allende next March 26-31, 2017.

Join us for an opportunity to reconnect to the soul of beauty, your sacred self and to empower a new level of strength and vibrancy so that your everyday life becomes charged with the sacred gifts beauty has to offer.

If you are feeling called to participate in this event, please Click here.

Awakening Into Beauty Retreat 2017

San Miguel Skyline

Beauty is the gentle but urgent call to awaken,
a celebration, a homecoming of the human spirit
John O’Donohue

We have a new joint venture called Journeys in Transformation with a great partner Gwen Mazer.(link to her website) Gwen has a long and celebrated career of assisting women in finding beauty from the inside out. She’s one of the most consciously sacred women we’ve ever met. She has been an advocate for beauty in all forms throughout her life.

This week on Wednesday Dec 7, we will be launching our first offer:

A week long retreat Awakening Into Beauty
​in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico March 26-March 31, 2017.

For one week, December 5th-12th only, we are offering an Early Bird Special. The description will be live for you to enjoy Wednesday morning.  We will send another announcement when it goes live.  (Click the picture to sign up to receive notifications for this event)

Join us in March 2017 for an opportunity to reconnect to the soul of beauty, your sacred self and to empower a new level of strength and vibrancy so that your everyday life becomes charged with the sacred gifts beauty has in store for you.

Take a look at the new

We love journeying with you!

Susan and David

The Next Wisdom Rx

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we want to share with you the upgrade of our website. We chose to do this now because one of the ways we can all support one another is to stand up in our own integrity, love, wisdom and power. We need each other in our full radiance thriving to navigate our futures together.

With over 5 years of blogs and videos that are now cross referenced to a category of needs that we all have at different times. We’ve turned what we’ve written into a usable bank of information that can serve you quickly and easily.​

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Also, we’re excited to announce that we are offering a retreat called Awakening Into Beauty in San Miguel de Allende with a new partner Gwen Mazer the last week of March 2017. You can sign up to be notified as soon as we launch our early bird special coming shortly.

Navigating in Uncertain Times

Change is afoot- no shit! We have been moved by the enormous range of shocked responses to the US election. There is a vast sorrow filled ache present in America that has been there for quite a few years.

Many haven’t wanted to see the turmoil, sorrow, suffering and divisiveness that have been in the hearts of so many across the United States.

What kind of world do you want to live in? We want to live in a world where compassion rules. The souls that we are, are vastly bigger than any momentary political social moment. It’s that vastness that allows us to be compassionate in the face of fear and uncertainty.

How To Navigate Uncertain Times

We are witnessing many who are shocked, suffering, sad, grieving, and also euphoric. Getting overrun by emotions clouds our clear connection to our own soul wisdom. We miss getting our own prescription of knowing that we can use to navigate stormy waters. You have a prescription of knowing just waiting to download into you.

How do we clear the way?

First- Dealing with Shock

In shock we move into survival and forget to see the big picture not just the systems that aren’t working or the suffering that’s around us and in our own hearts. In shock we cannot see a clear path before us.

If you want to learn more about how to cope with shock get our Free Survival Guide- What to Do When Your World Falls Apart.

Click here to download the PDF Guide


Second- Make Friends with Uncertainty

When we really allow for uncertainty and risk what we know, we open ourselves up to possibility and shift. There is an abundance of opportunity and a pathway to joy if we are willing to open to the bigger life that we are.

Third- You Are Not Alone

Our thoughts and fears not only divide us from one another, but make us feel separate from Source. The very spirit in the air is filled with love. When we open up our hearts and allow the love that is present to come in, we will receive the love and guidance we need to not feel separate. We have to fold in the sacred into this achiness because it will help us be clear and know what to say and how to be.

And most importantly – Steer with your wisdom, heart and integrity.

We have been conditioned to think and feel in ways that aren’t true to our hearts and souls. There is an abundance of knowing just waiting for all to call on. We can learn when we open our hearts and grow our wisdom how to heal ourselves and the planet. What a great opportunity lies before us. Fierce wisdom clarity and love will heal us.

And If it’s difficult to see you way through these stormy seas, please post in the comments or contact us.
We are here to help!

In love and possibility,

Susan and David