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Blessing- A Pause That Refreshes 1.2.19


A Pause that Refreshes


What if you stopped all the things that you think you should do?

Some things require completion.

Some things can have a rest.


Now is the time to reassess how you are spending your life.

Are you using your daily dose of aliveness to do the same old thing?

Or are you shifting and growing and leaving behind what’s over.


Prayerfully ask yourself,

Is this really for my highest good?

Is this something I need to complete today?

Am I doing something that I really believe in?


Bless yourself with a pause that refreshes your life.


Taking personal control of how you are spending your time frees you from

the demands from others on the time of your life.


Love,  Susan and David


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Stop Waiting

Tools for Thriving

Stop Waiting

There is an epidemic of waiting.

As you’re reading this, see if you can notice what you are waiting for. How many layers of waiting are running inside you right now?

Waiting takes so many forms that unless we really take time to notice how we are spending ourselves in waiting we can end up living a whole life waiting to live.

Give Your Seeking a Rest

Tools for Thriving

This blog starts a new series for 2016 on Tools for Thriving. We are bringing forth blessings from our allies to assist each of us to connect to the fountain of life and vitality that surrounds us all the time.

Give Your Seeking a Rest

Why is it that so often we don’t achieve the New Year’s resolutions we make at the beginning of each year?

It’s because our resolutions are often veiled demands on ourselves and the world around us. When we demand we stop the flow of life.

We are trained to take ourselves away from the rich mystery we actually live in. We think and believe in ways that block us from living and expressing from our deepest heartfelt desires.

What if some of our processes of affirmation, like meditation, yoga or prayers are getting in the way of thriving?

Sometimes even though a process seems so good, it’s actually a form of demanding on life.

The primary thriving tool we have found is that acceptance is the first law of spirit.

If we don’t accept what’s so, we create turbulence that keeps us stuck. We’ve all developed clever tools that hide our habit of demanding.

Ask yourself, “Am I in a place of acceptance or am I requiring that what is so be different?”

The only difference we can create is in how we perceive. From a clear point of perception we can take actions that can nurse greater ease, clarity and love.

A perception based on acceptance opens us to a battery of creativity in the life that is all around us and allows for real change, real evolution- Transformation not just stimulation.

Use this blessing as an invocation, a daily reminder, to let go of ideas that have tried to comfort us but actually hold us back from the very things we want and need.


Blessing- Give Your Seeking a Rest

This blessing is from our allies the Archangel Michael and the Christ Consciousness.

You have been trained to believe that what you think is darkness is the absence of light. So much of what you sense as darkness is in fact filled and vibrating with a radiance of light.

In the days before you, know this, there is a rain of guidance showering down upon you. If you give your seeking a rest, this fervent guidance will touch your mind, your heart and your body.

You have been trained to believe you are separate from the vast aliveness that life is, that you are. It is time now to end that illusion.

Before each of you is a fountain of life and vitality. You can be nourished in ways you long for by trusting that at times you will be afraid and other times you will have unbridled joy. Sometimes you may want to die. Sometimes you will want to fly.

Your life is a spectrum of experiences designed to grow you as a soul, an eternal being.  We hold you in a resting pose invite you into the wild mystery that life is.

Now is the time for you to feel and know your unmistakable connection to the web of life that you are part of on this planet and to all the life that is beyond earth.

Yes- we are asking you to trust in ways you have not before because you are ready to.

How, you may ask?

When you feel yourself grasping, seeking the answer you believe you must have, STOP. Bring everything around you to a full stop. Notice in the stopping the stillness.

We your beloveds will meet you every time and usher forth to you the knowing that you need to reclaim your thriving no matter what the circumstances.

There is thriving in joy.
There is thriving even in sorrow.
There is thriving unto death.
Thriving is what you are, remember.


Brought forth in Love,
from David and Susan

A Journey or a Trip?

A cure for when you feel stupid

A Journey or a Trip?

‘Trip’ is a word with so many meanings.

Back in the old days of longer hair and patchouli oil a ‘trip’ was what happened when someone took some form of hallucinogenic drug. Sometimes people really changed. They understood their spirit in a new way. Other times they were just entertaining or distracting themselves.

Sometimes the word ‘trip’ is used to describe going from one place to another. We want to get there quickly on the super highway.  Other times it can be a little slower but we still want to “get there’ just the same.

Journeys are very different.

The Beginning of the Wisdom Rx Tour

Our Collective Learning

As we’ve sat with our experience in Arkansas from our first two talks we wanted to share two key learnings that we called forth from the collective field of us all.

The Notion of Time

For us all to do the work we are destined to do we must be off the clock. Time is a construct that gets in the way of our greater knowing. We have dallied long enough in the time warps of others. We have been living by the beat of a drummer that is not our own beat. Now we are to claim the rhythm, the beat, the pulse of our time out of time.

Harvesting Wisdom

meet your maker

As our notions of time are changing, we thought it timely to honor and encourage the timelessness of the Wisdom that we are.

Wisdom will have its way with us whether it shows up through serendipity, an inkling that won’t go away or a stubbed toe. The something that gets our attention is wisdom knocking at our door.