Stop Waiting

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Stop Waiting

There is an epidemic of waiting.

As you’re reading this, see if you can notice what you are waiting for. How many layers of waiting are running inside you right now?

Waiting takes so many forms that unless we really take time to notice how we are spending ourselves in waiting we can end up living a whole life waiting to live.

See if any of these categories fit you- They certainly have fit us at times.

Are you waiting for…

The coffee to be ready

Dinner, breakfast, lunch

The email response to come

The phone to ring

The store to open

Your break at work so you can go outside

Your child to grow up

Your mate to be different

The world to change

What are you waiting for? Waiting uses energy and means we aren’t present.
We’ve invented a new time zone called the Thrive Zone. It’s the present moment.

Thriving and healing happen only in the present.

Blessing- Stop Waiting

(from our Allies, the Christ Consciousness and the Archangel Michael)

You are at your essence absolutely free.
We want to remind you not to wait to live.
We want to remind you that you have folded yourselves into a time warp that costs you joy.

You were born free of time.

As you matured you were trained to move with the hands of the clock.
You were trained to consider your life and your hearts desires as something that could only be fulfilled in the future.

Waiting became a lifestyle.
There is liberty available for you right now.
Begin to notice that you are waiting- it doesn’t matter what you are waiting for.
You can be free of this habit simply by noticing that you’re using it.

We want you to be free.

You do not need to wait for joy or freedom. They are available to you on the breath you are about to take. Every breath you take has the gift of liberated sacred freedom within it.

Remember that the essence of your heartbeat, the sacredness that breathes you isn’t waiting. You can end this habit once and for all by noticing the sweet crackling delight on the spirit in the air you are breathing now.

Please share your thoughts with us below.

5 comments on “Stop Waiting

  1. Jean Owen on

    Hello Dear David and Susan,for you
    As I read your note I realized I was home waiting for a call from my auto mechanic to see what’s wrong with my car. I am not sitting waiting, but none-the-less I do feel I have suspended my activities until I hear from them.

    It’s my day off and I have so much I can do around the house…to make my next day off a better one.

    Thanks for our continued inspirations!
    Jean Owen

  2. robert on

    Good Stuff! nice to have these reminders to be present and loving of our time and energy and make the most of it! Blessings to you… and Love…

  3. DK on

    Thanks for this post. Hits home for me….. waiting for love or someone to travel with or waiting for enough money to do whatever I want without financial worries…. I’m getting with it this year. Thanks so much for your great love and support. Hope to see you soon in sunny Mexico or later in Portlandia.


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