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Unbounded Potential Interviews Wisdom Rx

Through the gift of serendipity, greater opportunities for us to serve in the world are showing up. Several months ago David did an interview with Dr. Emmett Miller. From that our came our connection to Unbounded Potential with Karen King and Salma Formradas.

This Tuesday Sept 15th, 2015 at 12pm CST you can watch and listen as Unbounded Potential interviews Wisdom Rx live. Click the link below to sign in.

Unbounded Potential Interview with Wisdom Rx

It’s such an amazing experience to feel “seen”. Salma and Karen got us and wanted to champion our work in the world.  Their website is rich with interviews with remarkable evolutionary people.  We’re glad to be folded into that community.

For those of you have never worked with us individually, we are offering a special discount of our initial session price. Click the link below to sign up.

Discounted Initial Session with Wisdom Rx **

Perhaps it’s the time of the world, the flux of the planets or the impassioned desire that we all seem to have to go past what’s been limiting us. One client shares how we all can learn, grow and really heal.

David and Susan work together to gather clear insights about the physical body, plus mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. They uncover hidden aspects ready to be healed, and create a loving space to integrate those lost or alienated parts of myself.

In session, there are no limits to the healing energies present. And in the purity and compassion of their healing presence, I feel able to relax completely and open myself to the deepest level of healing possible. A session with David and Susan is an opportunity for transformation.

K.L. – San Diego, CA

Let’s all stand as reminders to ourselves,  our families and community to allow the strength of LIFE within us to grow us beyond the limits of any belief that tries to keep us small and leashed to an old way of being that must fall away.

Join the live broadcast to learn more about us and what’s fresh in our hearts and minds.
And there are more interviews through Unbounded potential, that you can access once you opt in. Click the link below to sign in. We hope you’ll join us in Unbounded Potential’s Live Interview September 15, 2015.

Unbounded Potential Interview with Wisdom Rx

Each of you has helped us bloom and grow into our sacred service and our own evolutionary healing. Join us as we explore the Unbounded Potential that IS us all.

**Discounted initial session offer is good through the end of 2015

Yearning for Sacred Integrity?

Do you feel as if much of your life is filled with activities that don’t match the depths of your true nature?

Are there times when you feel as if you have walked away from yourself and towards something that was not true?

During our journey this summer in the US and Canada and now back home in Mexico we continue to notice that many of us are yearning to live more impeccably in our own sacred integrity.


Recently a client broke away from the habitual expressions that were holding her back:

“I decided to work with David and Susan due to constant pain in my hip that had appeared 10 months prior.  I previously sought out two doctors, stretching and physical therapy and nothing seemed to work.I would have to say that I got so much more than I anticipated in my work with Wisdom Rx. I had a team cheering me on, pointing out my brilliance, supporting me in big decisions and offering their unconditional love, every step of the way 

I learned a new way of seeing and will continue to challenge my perception of things moving forward.  And I learned to honor so much more of myself, my process and my life through their guidance.

Early in our work, I asked for “more movement”. Within a month my life totally changed and I am now creating a new business.  I am steeped in excitement and positivity having let go of fear in a very big and life-changing way.  David and Susan helped support that transition and my way of viewing myself in the world.  And my hip pain totally disappeared with that transition.”  J.M. New Jersey

In listening to the wisest part of our being we can ask for direction, information and new understanding in all aspects of our lives.

Our friend, Leo Sofer** the intuitive storyteller, that we introduced you to this spring wrote:

“So much of our modern existence keeps us busy with things that do not bear any relationship to our depths. So we slowly lose touch with the one thing that we yearn for more than anything else.”

In a beautiful audio story with music, he tells a story called Queen of the Sea based on the work of Wisdom Rx. It is a story that gets to the heart and soul of the experiences our client expressed.

We want to share his blog and audio story so you can feel your sacred integrity reflected in it. We hope it will help you connect more to your own true nature.

Take a half hour and feel yourself as never before.

Please read his blog and listen to the Queen of the Sea by clicking here.

Leo and Lara April 2015, smaller (1)

Juicy Truths From Our Journey 2015


Magic cloud in Osoyoos BC

We’re back at home in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico integrating the many gifts we received on our summer journey. It was rich with family, new friends and reconnections and the spirit of the land all enveloped us.

We started in Chicago for the memorial gathering for Susan’s father. Honor and love abounded. Each place we visited taught us something about ourselves, community, love and the state of the world.

Between our own learning and the many sessions we did along the way, we want to share some of the juicy truths and common threads that are showing up.

They are great examples of the wisdom that is emerging and how we can support ourselves and one another as we learn, grow and heal.

Radio Interview with David Mackenzie

The World of a Medical Intuitive- Radio Interview with David MacKenzie

We met Dr. Emmett Miller and his wife Sandy in San Miguel de Allende Mexico a few months ago.  What we liked about them was that they were each dedicated to self-healing, wellness, success, and global transformation. David Mackenzie

And to our surprise, we didn’t know that Emmett had a radio program. He interviewed David on his show Conversations with Extraordinary People.

David talks about his background and valuable lessons we have learned from all those we’ve worked with.

They had a lot of fun exploring together.

Here’s the link:

The World of a Medical Intuitive: A Conversation with David MacKenzie

The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey

We have a treasure we want to share with you.

Leo and Lara April 2015, smaller (1)

Leo and his daughter

A dear friend and colleague Leo Sofer is an Intuitive story teller at Stories for the Journey Home. He’s been telling stories since 1989 and has developed Intuitive Storytelling as a way of accessing our inherent wisdom and expressing it in story form.

We asked him to reflect us to us-
Something we do for our clients.

We felt we had outgrown the way we understood the essence of the work we do within Wisdom Rx. We knew we desperately needed someone to reflect to us the strength and essence of who we have been and who we are becoming. Leo brilliantly provided us with The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey.

Unavoidable Beauty

When something catches our eyes, we are stopping to inhale the wonder before us. These life giving moment of unavoidable beauty are deeply nurturing. We share them with you so you can see some of the treasures of the journey so far.


While riding from Bishop to Nevada City, CA