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Blessing in Ashland

To each of you from your Holy Allies, we express directly and individually a blessing of knowing and a rich accounting of how you have loved beyond reason.

This gathering is a body filled with unreasonable love. You are as one. In this room you are a wholeness- a holiness.

There is more to be unreasonable towards.

The Beginning of the Wisdom Rx Tour

Our Collective Learning

As we’ve sat with our experience in Arkansas from our first two talks we wanted to share two key learnings that we called forth from the collective field of us all.

The Notion of Time

For us all to do the work we are destined to do we must be off the clock. Time is a construct that gets in the way of our greater knowing. We have dallied long enough in the time warps of others. We have been living by the beat of a drummer that is not our own beat. Now we are to claim the rhythm, the beat, the pulse of our time out of time.

Our Declaration of Uncertainty

 To shift into the next generation of us, we need more than ever to receive the gift and power of our uncertainty. We wrote this as a supportive tool to help generate healing, creativity, liberty and love.

The word “uncertainty” might have a meaning that is uncomfortable to some of us. Perhaps other words would feel more comfortable like ‘not-knowing’, ‘ignorance’, ‘I wonder’, or ‘what’s possible now?’

We’ve been taught to fear uncertainty, but no matter what you call it, ‘uncertainty’ is a word to make friends with.

We chose ‘uncertainty’ because we’re referring to the state in which we are not certain, the place inside us that opens, stimulating something new to show up.

How To Have Good Relations with Mexicans

How To Have Good Relations with Mexicans

We wanted to share the launch of a project dear to our hearts that we filmed here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Many of you know that we have a history as filmmakers and produce what we call Media as Medicine as part of Wisdom Rx.

When we moved to Mexico, we signed up for Spanish lessons with Warren Hardy who’s been teaching Spanish here for almost 30 years. He is a master educator deeply steeped in the cultural differences between Mexico and The United States. Partway into our first class he gave a lecture on “How to Have Good Relations with Mexicans.” We were not only thoroughly impressed with the content but also with Warren’s wonderful capacity to deliver the message.

The Gift of Uncertainty

We’ve been kindling our infinite curiosity.

Recently, we stumbled upon a BBC series Da Vinci’s Demons  based on Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s a fanciful occasionally accurate description of Leonardo’s passion and inventive capacity.

What made him such a great creator?  It was The Gift of Uncertainty.

Yes, he knew many things. But the most powerful component of his inventive engine was his ability to be wildly uncertain, to trust the fertile ground of his ignorance, his not-knowing.

7 Things Self Actualized People Do Differently

Self Actualized People


Not often have we come across an article as lucid and informative as the one below.  From Waking Times through Creative Commons licensing we are able to share it with you.

David and Susan

The Importance of Trusting Uncertainty

You don’t know what you don’t know.
It’s a simple and powerful truth.

What if, when we don’t know there’s “a special knowing” that’s there for us?

Uncertainty is like spring. When a daffodil bulb feels the call of the sun warming the earth, it can’t see the light but it knows it’s there. And through a gesture of faith, it begins its journey to the light.