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Our Bodies Contain Miracles Every Moment

miracles every moment

This very second you’re living in a miracle.

Our bodies contain miracles every moment. Your body is performing functions, creating cells, letting cells die and giving you a home to live in while you are here.

We’ve been studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza so that we can understand how to help ourselves and our clients truly reprogram their consciousness, their nervous systems and the patterns in their bodies and minds.

Landed and Blooming

landed and blooming

We’re landed and blooming and our doors are wide open and so is Wisdom Rx!

The day we arrived in Phoenix it was 118 degrees. While unloading the truck and trailer with our beloved friend Jo, who helped us fold blankets and fill our fridge, our excitement for being in our new home overcame the intensity of the heat.

Taking a break that day, we sat surrounded by boxes in our kitchen area and were overwhelmed by the extraordinary stillness that was present.  That hasn’t gone away.