Creativity is Essential for Transformation

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Creativity is Essential for Transformation

The presence of creative energy is an essential ingredient to any lasting true transformation or healing. If the fires of our creativity are not kindled we’ll stay the same.

Creativity fuels our capacity to feel possibility. When we use our creativity to live into possibility our world can and does change.

There is a lot of baggage around the word. We often associate creativity with the making of art. That’s true and it’s a beautiful reflection of human possibility. But our creative essence fills us, enlivens us and seeks to lead us away from the parts of our lives that are way too small to thrive in.

The following invocation or blessing is purposeful in its reminder that we are at the foundations of our being uniquely and powerfully creative and that we can use this creativity to bring forth the change we long for in our hearts.



This blessing is from our allies the Archangel Michael and the Christ Consciousness.

We come to remind you that one of the greatest gifts of your incarnation is your natural talent to create. You are creating right now.

By reading this you are seeking remembrance of your essential most beloved part.

You create all the time. You create your reality with so much regularity that you tend to forget what you are doing. The myriad of responses and reactions that you pass through everyday re in fact reflections of what you are creating.

You create your life by the choices you make. Just as a painter chooses a color and a brush, you choose to create a filter that can make you happy or sad.

You have been conditioned to believe that you are not the vast creative energy you truly are. We are standing with you as reflectors so that you may know and claim the true power of your inventiveness.

Yes, by claiming your essence again, you will leave behind what is dead and arise reborn into the light of your true nature. Many will come to you and say “but if you do that you won’t be the same!”

Love is never lost. Love changes form and shape but its presence is pure, always within you and around you.

Remember you have been conditioned to forget. The reclaiming of your creative essence begins with the simple yet powerful realization that you are the spirit of creation itself formed into the body, the life you are living.

You do not need to understand this to claim it. In fact your desire to understand can get in the way of the resurgence of your pure creative nature.


Ask yourself:

What can I invent today?

How can I see the new not the old?

How can I laugh unabashedly?


Claiming your birthright of pure creativity begins with the simple acknowledgement. Let’s all arise in our pure inventive creative power. By doing so we will be able to dance in this life and stop just trudging through it.

Experiment with saying:

I am the essence of life itself.

I am bathed in love now.

I am alive in the greatness of life beyond all the noise in my mind.

I am love thickened into this body.

Remember, Creativity is Essential for Transformation. Risk being the joy and wildness that you really are. It’s in you now waiting for your yes.

Brought forth in Love,
by David and Susan


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3 comments on “Creativity is Essential for Transformation

  1. Mignon on

    Love, love, love it! Thank you, you two and the all. The two lines that really spoke to me were:
    I am alive in the greatness of life beyond all the noise in my mind.

    I am love thickened into this body.

    I sometimes feel like I am in a nightmare with all that can go around in my head. This affirming is so expansive when I say it, that my head feels emptied out. Thank you!
    My body feels so much happier claiming that “I am love thickened in this body.” I feel upgraded and tingly all over!
    Thank you again!

    With much, much Love to you


  2. Jean Owen on

    4/2/2015 download after meditation
    A day after my celebration of my 29th year of sobriety from drugs and alcohol…the trappings of an addictive mind…this message, rather this gift came into my awareness. Even though I still acknowledge April 1st, 1986 as a turning point in my spiritual journey, I no longer feel comfortable affirming the statement when recognizing myself as a recovering addict using the preface of ‘I Am’ Jean, alcoholic. I Am so much more than this…and no longer wish to be limited by this scar on my soul’s journey. Instead what my soul wants me to affirm is:
    I Am…Magnetic harmonic realm wanderer with attraction to light and healing.
    My angel, Ariel, guides me to my frequential wisdom in myself and held in crystals.
    Love is all there is. I follow sound and light, harmonics to a higher octave. Waking dreamtime listening to Solara.
    I Am…Lightworker, walking in trust 11/11…trusting…time traveling…entering portalsto higher level of consciousness.
    I Am…responsible co-creator following the The Sacred Geometry within my Sacred Mind…the Quietness and Presence, Deep communication with Self. Awakened Pilgrim to Prime Source.
    I Am

  3. Linda Howe on

    Thank you,I enjoyed all of your offerings, it especially ” what can I invent today?Maybe inventing the choice of wanting peace more than other things is a worthy goal?
    I value the rest of the questions!
    Questions can redirect habitual thinking that isn’t as productive like worry or doubts.
    It’s the questions that lead to better choices and unlocks creativity for me, the innate curiosity.
    I’m noticing that thoughts have vibrations and the “noise ‘ in my head or mind can really scramble the flow of car creative expression in disorienting ways.Just saying the words ” I am bathed in love now ” can be imp red to when take a shower too!


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