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Don’t Take Beauty for Granted

In the morning, looking out our window this is what we see. It’s a wide angle view that may seem ordinary but these grasses call us up into the beauty of the day. We choose to look for the beauty.

On Google there are 2,770,000,000 references to Beauty. It’s a word that comes from an experience inside us that is really beyond words. It’s a simple word with such enormous power and we need to learn not to take Beauty for granted.

Why? Does seeing and feeling something beautiful really do much for us other than in the moment?   Well, Yes.

Here’s the wide angle view first thing in the morning but there is
beauty treasure that really is our focus.

As we learn from all the people we have been close to as they heal and transform, without the presence of curiosity, wonder and the willingness to experience beauty, healing doesn’t get a chance to go “all the way” with us.

This is a time in the world when the ugly, the profane, and horrific are on loud. There is a vast sickness loose and we realize that the antidote, indeed the transformer to our current horror show is the presencing and noticing of beauty.

Not as a distraction but as a call to action- an action that changes darkness into light. There is a nurturing quality that beauty stimulates within us that we really need.

If you will just notice, even the tiniest glimmer of beauty’s presence you will add enormous power to the engine of change that wants to be present so that we don’t need to live in the stinky shadow of the ugly.

Noticing beauty in whatever form touches you kindles true transformative healing.

What we call beauty is the sacred getting our attention. The sacred is the presence of Life that goes beyond all the ordinariness of our minds and reminds us that if I allow it I can notice that I am swimming in beauty and have unreasonable joy even in the hardest of times.  Joy is the energy that shows up in our body when we let the sacred and beauty be present.

Where we have irritation present whether it is a sickness or emotional disturbance, if we let beauty in it helps us let go of old ideas, limiting beliefs and feel the majesty of what the life we are really is.

Beauty is the door opener- it allows life and love to prevail and paves the way for healing or the miraculous to show up.

It’s a form of obvious magic that surrounds us just waiting to be turned on by our acknowledgment of beauties call to be noticed, felt inhaled.

We have to be willing to notice.

img_2541This the beauty treasure we rest our awareness on.

When we awaken to the call of beauty we become
aware of new ways of being in the world.”
John O’Donohue

Give noticing beauty a try and let us know how you feel and share what happens in your world be it a miracle or a momentary breath of fresh air.

Let us know what beauty you can choose to focus on in the comments section below.

Thanks for journeying with us.

David and Susan

P.S. We will be offering a retreat here in San Miguel de Allende  Awakening to Beauty  the last week of March 2017 with our partner Gwen Mazer.  Look for more information toward the end of the year!!

Getting The Mind Out of the Body

As Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it, thriving requires getting the mind out of the body so that we can live in the present moment.

Our bodies biologically run emotional habits, histories and conditioning that were created in the past.  As these run inside us they create a time warped muck in our organs, tissue, nervous system and chemistry creating a profound state of confusion around what’s real and not real. This confusion causes tension and friction inside us. Tension and friction create disease.

We can’t heal if we are living through the filters of the past.
For a body to heal and thrive we must be in present time.

So the more we can extract our mind from our bodies the greater health and soul level expression we can have.

Extracting your mind from your body is an ongoing skill that can be honed.  Whatever the memory or issue is, it needs to be acknowledged and noticed with the willingness to change.

Just having awareness or noticing that a habit or belief is running inside us and being curious about it allows us to no longer be run by it.

As Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states- the act of observation changes both the observed and the observer. Our understanding and integration follows. Curiosity is the beautifully simple elixir that promotes true transformative healing and joy.

Notice, feel, and be curious and healing and growth will follow with greater ease.

Freeing our unique natures that we came to earth to embody and expressing our soul level knowing is what it is time for now.

Do you want to be run by some habit of the past or do you want to live into the future that your heart and soul knows is possible? It’s time to be in the present by getting our minds out of our bodies.

Here’s an example from us about getting the mind out of the body in a surprising way.

So, how has your mind been running your body on autopilot?  Please share your experience in the comments section below.

Making Friends With Death Part 2

Here’s a radical question- Have you made friends with your death?

It’s kind of a scary question until you realize that if you begin to answer it, you begin to create liberty and joy as never before. We are conditioned in countless ways not to acknowledge that our death is our constant ally and revelatory friend.

Ask yourself, if I died while reading this where would my thoughts go?

As we have both had near death experiences we know that questions show up. We know that we each have the power to create our life and a joy filled death. And our awareness of death gives us a joy pathway even in really hard circumstances.

Making friends with the great truth of our death is the root of all creative life fulfilling liberty. We make a place at the table for the life inside our death so that we can always stay updated on the path of our life and the choices we make.

Want to live in great whole loving liberty? Start to make friends with your death and your future will be filled with bright knowing.

Here’s a video about Making friends With Death from David

making friends with death







Susan and David

Death:  Ally or Enemy?
Please let us know in the comments section below.

Yelling For Your Attention

There is a lot of yelling going on around us these days. It’s in the media, it’s on Facebook, and maybe it’s even in your family. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the clear sound of truth in the midst of all the yelling.

The first step in gaining clarity is to notice the truth and reality of all the people wanting your attention and wanting to control you.

Yes control you.

Separating from the demands of others restores sovereignty and your sacred self and can give you the clarity and understanding you need to chart your own course that is your hearts desire.

If you notice the demands on your attention, the yelling around you, you are on your way to re-empowering your truth meter.

You can cure feeling demanded on by putting things in slow motion. That way you can tell what’s right or wrong for you.

Remember- Awareness is curative.

We’d like to know… Who has been yelling for your attention? Who is trying to control you? A family member? A political party? How are you gaining clarity in the midst of this? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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Whose time are you on anyway?

Take a moment right now and feel all the demands on the time of your life. Try to imagine how many watches you’d have to wear to keep track of all the demands on your time.

Your physical body can’t thrive in multiple time demands. The most obvious outcome of too many clocks is heart-based stress.

Just because we’re accustomed to being on someone else’s timeline doesn’t make it right. If you want to reduce your stress levels, disconnect from the demands of other’s timelines. You can even be in greater integrity and service by reclaiming your own heart clock.

Ask yourself, whose time am I on right now?

Pay attention to the answer and check to see if you’re being pulled or pushed on. You can still make a deadline without being a slave to someone else’s timeline.

Have YOUR time be the clock you are on.

To further explore the different clocks we’re on, here’s a video from David.

getting off the clock

When have you been on someone else’s time?

Please let us know your experience below in the comments section.

Sharing: A Cosmic Interruption

This is a remarkable posting from our beloved friend and evolutionary college Shayla Wright of WideAwakeHeart

It is a powerful invitation for us all to be loved into awake-ness by the roots of our Humanness.

It is a way forward we can all use so that unbounded Love, Grace and Liberated joy can prevail in our lives.

Thanks for Shayla and her courage to be called into greater aliveness, greater Love.

It’s one of life’s paradoxes, or jokes on us, that intense spiritual practice, which is aimed at dissolving our solid, separate sense of self, can often do the opposite. Our years of passionate and devoted practice can build up a powerful, hidden egoic identity. We might not notice this when things are going more or less our way. But when they don’t, when chaos and confusion and grief and heartbreak knock on our door, we can find it very difficult to maintain our spacious, radiant and accepting state of mind. We find ourselves longing for higher ground, scrambling to regain what appears to have been lost, instead of opening to what is here. We wonder how this could be happening to us, after so many years devoted to meditation, inquiry, healing, prayer, asana…Life begins to feel less and less like a blessing, more and more like an insult.

We feel the whole house of cards crashing down around us. We are left naked, awkward, vulnerable, lost. It usually doesn’t occur to us until later on, that this catastrophe is not what we think it is. It’s actually what love asks of us. To strip away, once again, everything we have built up on the spiritual path. To bow down in utter nakedness to what we do not know. To open our heart to all of the terrible uncertainty of life. This is the sound, the taste, the fragrance of love itself, unravelling and dissolving our armour and our carefully crafted defences.

I married a beautiful young man and woman on a Gulf Island last weekend. Both of them are living deeply creative lives, and both of them are strong Buddhist practitioners on the Vajrayana path, the path of tantra. The beauty and magic of the tantric path is that it emphasizes, over and over again, that the obstacles we encounter are the path itself. There is something in this view that set my heart on fire, and threw me, at a certain point in my life, into my own tantric practice, where I was relentlessly drawn into becoming more and more human. Far more human than I ever wanted to be, at the beginning of my spiritual path, when I was young and full of fiery dreams.

These two young practitioners wrote their own vows for their wedding ceremony. Here are two of them, which they spoke to each other in front of us all:

• I, Marley, choose you Jesse to be my beloved, my primary companion, and the cosmic interruption to my raging egomania.

• I, Jesse, choose you Marley to be my beloved, my primary companion, and the cosmic interruption to my unbounded narcissism.

Working with them both in the days leading up to the ceremony, these vows came alive in me, and were chewing me up from inside. The brilliant clean lucidity of the language kept breaking through my mind, like bolts of light. These vows would wake me up in the middle of the night, like a wild visitor banging on my door. Deep in my heart, I could feel the truth of these vows, crashing into me like waves.

“Listen,” the waves roared, “this is what love asks of you. Let love be a cosmic interruption to all the ways you try and hide, all the ways you hope to escape from being completely here.  Let your partner, let your daughter, let your friends, let your colleagues, let your clients all be a part of this divine interruption. Stop trying to prevent it, as if it’s some kind of disaster you need to get insurance for. There’s another kind of life, full of courage, full of light, that only emerges when this one is well and truly interrupted.”

And so I wait here, as this other life, which I do not yet know, emerges,
so it can teach me
how to invent
my own disappearance
so it can lie down at the end
and show me,
even against my will,
how to undo myself,
how to surpass myself:
how to find
a way
to die
of generosity.
– David Whyte

with love and gratitude to Marley and Jesse.

You can find out more about them at