Getting The Mind Out of the Body

As Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it, thriving requires getting the mind out of the body so that we can live in the present moment.

Our bodies biologically run emotional habits, histories and conditioning that were created in the past.  As these run inside us they create a time warped muck in our organs, tissue, nervous system and chemistry creating a profound state of confusion around what’s real and not real. This confusion causes tension and friction inside us. Tension and friction create disease.

We can’t heal if we are living through the filters of the past.
For a body to heal and thrive we must be in present time.

So the more we can extract our mind from our bodies the greater health and soul level expression we can have.

Extracting your mind from your body is an ongoing skill that can be honed.  Whatever the memory or issue is, it needs to be acknowledged and noticed with the willingness to change.

Just having awareness or noticing that a habit or belief is running inside us and being curious about it allows us to no longer be run by it.

As Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states- the act of observation changes both the observed and the observer. Our understanding and integration follows. Curiosity is the beautifully simple elixir that promotes true transformative healing and joy.

Notice, feel, and be curious and healing and growth will follow with greater ease.

Freeing our unique natures that we came to earth to embody and expressing our soul level knowing is what it is time for now.

Do you want to be run by some habit of the past or do you want to live into the future that your heart and soul knows is possible? It’s time to be in the present by getting our minds out of our bodies.

Here’s an example from us about getting the mind out of the body in a surprising way.

So, how has your mind been running your body on autopilot?  Please share your experience in the comments section below.

4 comments on “Getting The Mind Out of the Body

  1. Mignon on

    Dear Susan and David,
    I loved seeing you BOTH in front of the camera. Really cool! Fantastic example too!
    When I started taking Spanish classes every day I was very nervous at first. (Schooloing was not my forte growing up.). I found after a few classes that by observing the tape pulling me back, it all of a sudden disspappeared! During these last number of months I have totally been present in class and learning fast! Something I never thought I coukd dream of!. I actually love to study! Learning, curiosity and life are so much more exciting now..
    Thank you again for sharing!
    Love to you both,

  2. Linda Vandiver on

    Dear Susan and David,
    I had the realization of a incident for years…and somehow I did not realize how this memory affected my whole life. It brought about my fear of being judged, so I began giving my power away to another who I felt was more spiritual, and knowing than I..!!! Finally, just speaking about the desire to put this memory behind me brought the full realization of what a “story” I had created, and lived !! Then, no longer in my mind, and with the desire to just love….it was suddenly GONE..!!! I am empowered in a new way, and it is beautiful to discover how this one, big fear….lived on with my life!!


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