Making Friends With Death Part 2

Here’s a radical question- Have you made friends with your death?

It’s kind of a scary question until you realize that if you begin to answer it, you begin to create liberty and joy as never before. We are conditioned in countless ways not to acknowledge that our death is our constant ally and revelatory friend.

Ask yourself, if I died while reading this where would my thoughts go?

As we have both had near death experiences we know that questions show up. We know that we each have the power to create our life and a joy filled death. And our awareness of death gives us a joy pathway even in really hard circumstances.

Making friends with the great truth of our death is the root of all creative life fulfilling liberty. We make a place at the table for the life inside our death so that we can always stay updated on the path of our life and the choices we make.

Want to live in great whole loving liberty? Start to make friends with your death and your future will be filled with bright knowing.

Here’s a video about Making friends With Death from David

making friends with death







Susan and David

Death:  Ally or Enemy?
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