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Radical Call to Freedom & Action- Vista CA

Our  recent journey in the US wasn’t so much a patchwork of individual pieces but more like a tapestry of interwoven people, places and heart.
The final stitch came from Vista California.  The blessing below is a radical call to freedom and action.

Our friends Chris and Mariko were our hosts. They are the international champions for the powerful healing plant Moringa.

A Blessing from Portland

Sometimes there is a story that must be told.

Each one of you carries a story you are telling yourselves. There is a time in the world and it is now when you have a choice. You can decide to keep the same story going or you can end it. You can close the chapter and know that you will not be abandoned. You will not be left behind.

Whatever beliefs you have that call you to be a survivor will end if you let yourself trust, yes trust, that you know beyond the reasoned conditioning of your mind that you are made of something greater than you have been told.

How do you do this?

The Lighted Way 2014

We’ve entered a time when there is no turning back from the call of our soul. We are all alight with loving evolutionary change whether we want it or not. How do we find our way in this new reality that is available to us?

The blessing that follows came out of a recent session with a client. We were collectively struck by the gift of love, new ideas of navigating our future and the invitation to be met by our divine allies.

We asked for permission to share this with you as a blessing and a call to action for 2014.  If you can read this out loud.

A Blessing For Those Who Work

Media as Medicine

When we learn to honor the ebb and flow, the natural rhythm of our lives, the “work” that we do can be easier and maybe even more effective by learning when to stop and rest in the richness of our lives outside of what we do to make money.

If you’re reading this going into your day of work, you can even stop work and notice that you are a free being always bigger than the limits of any task.

A Blessing for Those Who Work


There are ways that enslavement happens.

Work, no matter how much joy may be present, needs to end.

Once there was a man, who loved what he did so much he never put his tools down.

At first his friends thought him noble because indeed he was a master.

Soon his children stopped asking him to play because his hands were full of tools.

His wife became more lonely day by day, because the tools were in the way.