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Soul Food Pilgrimage

Iona abbey


We’re back from our soul nourishing pilgrimage to England and Scotland! The trip was a profound evolution for us.

We now understand that everyone’s life is a pilgrimage and we each need soulful nourishment — Soul food —  to thrive.

One aspect of Soul food comes from sacred places where people have been pilgrims for a long time. We traveled to places in England and Scotland where people have been pilgrims for thousands of years.

David Susan and Dwight at Stonhenge

David Susan and Dwight at Stonehenge

Poppies near Silbury Hill                            Everything was so alive! Poppies near West Kennet Long Barrow

Silbury Hill           Potent energy at Silbury Hill where the Michael and Mary Ley lines cross. Pilgrims have been coming to this hill built by humans over 4400 years ago.

Pilgrimage walk in EnglandWe walked miles and miles along pathways and ley lines receiving and infusion of life from the land. And even managed to drive a car on the left-hand side of the road.

Glastonbury Tor

We climbed sacred sites like Glastonbury Tor

Well of Eternal Life Iona




And drank from the Well of Eternal Life on Iona

We knew we were receiving sacred blessings that were beyond words.





Dartmoor friends

The trains carried us from London to Cornwall to Iona in the north. And friends old and new nourished our hearts.





We have all done amazing personal work to transform ourselves. And we knew that in ourselves and for those we work with that something was missing.

Have you noticed that no matter how much personal work you’ve done that there is an underlying hunger for something more?

Defining what our souls need to stay strong and well-nourished is what Wisdom Rx will be focusing on in the coming months. We each have a unique recipe for the soul food that will keep us truly connected to source, so that we don’t have to be starving in the journey of our lives.

Please share your thoughts with us below.


David and Susan
Wisdom Rx

Creativity is Essential for Transformation

Tools for Thriving

Creativity is Essential for Transformation

The presence of creative energy is an essential ingredient to any lasting true transformation or healing. If the fires of our creativity are not kindled we’ll stay the same.

Creativity fuels our capacity to feel possibility. When we use our creativity to live into possibility our world can and does change.

There is a lot of baggage around the word. We often associate creativity with the making of art. That’s true and it’s a beautiful reflection of human possibility. But our creative essence fills us, enlivens us and seeks to lead us away from the parts of our lives that are way too small to thrive in.

The following invocation or blessing is purposeful in its reminder that we are at the foundations of our being uniquely and powerfully creative and that we can use this creativity to bring forth the change we long for in our hearts.



This blessing is from our allies the Archangel Michael and the Christ Consciousness.

We come to remind you that one of the greatest gifts of your incarnation is your natural talent to create. You are creating right now.

By reading this you are seeking remembrance of your essential most beloved part.

You create all the time. You create your reality with so much regularity that you tend to forget what you are doing. The myriad of responses and reactions that you pass through everyday re in fact reflections of what you are creating.

You create your life by the choices you make. Just as a painter chooses a color and a brush, you choose to create a filter that can make you happy or sad.

You have been conditioned to believe that you are not the vast creative energy you truly are. We are standing with you as reflectors so that you may know and claim the true power of your inventiveness.

Yes, by claiming your essence again, you will leave behind what is dead and arise reborn into the light of your true nature. Many will come to you and say “but if you do that you won’t be the same!”

Love is never lost. Love changes form and shape but its presence is pure, always within you and around you.

Remember you have been conditioned to forget. The reclaiming of your creative essence begins with the simple yet powerful realization that you are the spirit of creation itself formed into the body, the life you are living.

You do not need to understand this to claim it. In fact your desire to understand can get in the way of the resurgence of your pure creative nature.


Ask yourself:

What can I invent today?

How can I see the new not the old?

How can I laugh unabashedly?


Claiming your birthright of pure creativity begins with the simple acknowledgement. Let’s all arise in our pure inventive creative power. By doing so we will be able to dance in this life and stop just trudging through it.

Experiment with saying:

I am the essence of life itself.

I am bathed in love now.

I am alive in the greatness of life beyond all the noise in my mind.

I am love thickened into this body.

Remember, Creativity is Essential for Transformation. Risk being the joy and wildness that you really are. It’s in you now waiting for your yes.

Brought forth in Love,
by David and Susan


We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Give Your Seeking a Rest

Tools for Thriving

This blog starts a new series for 2016 on Tools for Thriving. We are bringing forth blessings from our allies to assist each of us to connect to the fountain of life and vitality that surrounds us all the time.

Give Your Seeking a Rest

Why is it that so often we don’t achieve the New Year’s resolutions we make at the beginning of each year?

It’s because our resolutions are often veiled demands on ourselves and the world around us. When we demand we stop the flow of life.

We are trained to take ourselves away from the rich mystery we actually live in. We think and believe in ways that block us from living and expressing from our deepest heartfelt desires.

What if some of our processes of affirmation, like meditation, yoga or prayers are getting in the way of thriving?

Sometimes even though a process seems so good, it’s actually a form of demanding on life.

The primary thriving tool we have found is that acceptance is the first law of spirit.

If we don’t accept what’s so, we create turbulence that keeps us stuck. We’ve all developed clever tools that hide our habit of demanding.

Ask yourself, “Am I in a place of acceptance or am I requiring that what is so be different?”

The only difference we can create is in how we perceive. From a clear point of perception we can take actions that can nurse greater ease, clarity and love.

A perception based on acceptance opens us to a battery of creativity in the life that is all around us and allows for real change, real evolution- Transformation not just stimulation.

Use this blessing as an invocation, a daily reminder, to let go of ideas that have tried to comfort us but actually hold us back from the very things we want and need.


Blessing- Give Your Seeking a Rest

This blessing is from our allies the Archangel Michael and the Christ Consciousness.

You have been trained to believe that what you think is darkness is the absence of light. So much of what you sense as darkness is in fact filled and vibrating with a radiance of light.

In the days before you, know this, there is a rain of guidance showering down upon you. If you give your seeking a rest, this fervent guidance will touch your mind, your heart and your body.

You have been trained to believe you are separate from the vast aliveness that life is, that you are. It is time now to end that illusion.

Before each of you is a fountain of life and vitality. You can be nourished in ways you long for by trusting that at times you will be afraid and other times you will have unbridled joy. Sometimes you may want to die. Sometimes you will want to fly.

Your life is a spectrum of experiences designed to grow you as a soul, an eternal being.  We hold you in a resting pose invite you into the wild mystery that life is.

Now is the time for you to feel and know your unmistakable connection to the web of life that you are part of on this planet and to all the life that is beyond earth.

Yes- we are asking you to trust in ways you have not before because you are ready to.

How, you may ask?

When you feel yourself grasping, seeking the answer you believe you must have, STOP. Bring everything around you to a full stop. Notice in the stopping the stillness.

We your beloveds will meet you every time and usher forth to you the knowing that you need to reclaim your thriving no matter what the circumstances.

There is thriving in joy.
There is thriving even in sorrow.
There is thriving unto death.
Thriving is what you are, remember.


Brought forth in Love,
from David and Susan

Radical Call to Freedom & Action- Vista CA

Our  recent journey in the US wasn’t so much a patchwork of individual pieces but more like a tapestry of interwoven people, places and heart.
The final stitch came from Vista California.  The blessing below is a radical call to freedom and action.

Our friends Chris and Mariko were our hosts. They are the international champions for the powerful healing plant Moringa.

A Blessing from Portland

Sometimes there is a story that must be told.

Each one of you carries a story you are telling yourselves. There is a time in the world and it is now when you have a choice. You can decide to keep the same story going or you can end it. You can close the chapter and know that you will not be abandoned. You will not be left behind.

Whatever beliefs you have that call you to be a survivor will end if you let yourself trust, yes trust, that you know beyond the reasoned conditioning of your mind that you are made of something greater than you have been told.

How do you do this?