A Blessing from Portland

Sometimes there is a story that must be told.

Each one of you carries a story you are telling yourselves. There is a time in the world and it is now when you have a choice. You can decide to keep the same story going or you can end it. You can close the chapter and know that you will not be abandoned. You will not be left behind.

Whatever beliefs you have that call you to be a survivor will end if you let yourself trust, yes trust, that you know beyond the reasoned conditioning of your mind that you are made of something greater than you have been told.

How do you do this?

There is a song of knowing in each of you. You have allies seen and unseen who, if you are willing, will stand in harmony and call a song knowing, of newness, into being for each of you.

In truth, there is no turning back.

Each of you has crossed a line, many lines many times, that has brought you to this night in this place so that you can trust the uncertainties, the richness that is present and move stalwartly and courageously forward.

Remember, you have been conditioned to not trust your instinct that place within you that has sacred knowing.

We your allies fan the flames of your knowing now. If you allow, we will lift you up and over the obstacles that present themselves to you, each of you, in ways that want to keep you small, bring you down, box you in.

This indeed is a radical time in this world.

You are each atomic agents of change. Your individual atomics are changing even though you may try to comfort yourself with old ways of thinking and being. They are too small for you to live in, move on and claim the freedom that is your birthright.

This land, this air, the spirit of life that is present will inflame your knowing and bring the sweetness you long for present in your blood, in the very tastes in your mouth. You are all called to sing a song of freedom, each in your own way.

Do not look back but be pulled, be moved forward. It is pointless to try to go back or stay how you have been.

We your allies enrapture you in the loving you seek even though you are afraid. We bring you comfort and unreasonable kindness now.

From the allies, brought forth by David Mackenzie and transcribed by Susan Perkins

6 comments on “A Blessing from Portland

  1. Blanca on

    How beautiful and perfect this message is! My old me went into terror of being “left behind” when my partner left on a visit. This is so comforting. Thank you!

  2. sherri on

    The Source of All that Is constantly brings me messages like this at times I really need to hear them. It is great knowing I am not alone. thank you for allowing Spirit to work through you.

  3. Andrea on

    Dear Ones. As always, the timing of the message could not have been more perfect. I am reminded of a line from a David Whyte poem, ‘Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.’ Amen. I deeply embrace these words and the invitation from allies seen and unseen. So much gratitude for the inspiration. Much love to you!

  4. Karen Lane on

    Beloveds, this is who you are and who we are, living in the delight of Spirit moving in and through us, Being Us! Thank you for this beautiful inspiring message.

  5. Melanie on

    What a beautiful message!!

    I was reminded of my invisible allies just the other day while visiting a friend. We were sitting in her garden filled with large leaf, low to the ground, shrubs that moved without a hint of wind. “Ahhh, I said to my friend, the nature spirits are playful today. The gnomes sure love to run in and out from underneath those large leaves.”

    We are truly blessed by our allies, indeed!

  6. Alicia on

    WOW! Breaking of the limited prison, and trusting the expansion to the unlimited possibilities!! Gratitude to the Allies , David, and Susan. Love you.


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