Radical Call to Freedom & Action- Vista CA

Our  recent journey in the US wasn’t so much a patchwork of individual pieces but more like a tapestry of interwoven people, places and heart.
The final stitch came from Vista California.  The blessing below is a radical call to freedom and action.

Our friends Chris and Mariko were our hosts. They are the international champions for the powerful healing plant Moringa. They are committed to bringing healing into the world. Please read about their remarkable work at:  Moringa For Life.

Chris and Mariko Gifford – © photo by David MacKenzie

On our journey we encountered hundreds of people standing up and singing their song of truth. If you’re reading this you are one of them.

Thank you for your willingness to be brave and seek liberty and love. We are grateful to be on this journey of life with you.

We are already planning to return to the US and are building a powerful immersive program that will liberate the necessary creativity, clarity and courage that is called for so that we all can have more of the presence of joy and passion flowing in our lives.

And as always, please share this collective call to action with others.


A Radical Call to Freedom and Action

from Vista California

To get the full benefit of this, please read this out loud to yourself or someone you love.

From the The Voice of Us – the BIG US

We are friends beyond what you know.
You know the word friend in a small way.
We your allies are your friends in LOVE.

Love is a word that you have been trained to live small.
Aren’t you all discovering love is so much greater than you’ve been told?

In this body you are, you call into being a breaking of the past, a breaking of the mold, a breaking of the breath that is too small to thrive in.
A small breath only breathes the past.
You are called to breathe the larger breath of now, this truth now.

We send a winged prayer to you in the air you breathe now – right now.
We charge this air with a fire designed to melt what you have been afraid of.

Haven’t you been afraid to know that you are vast beyond what you have been told?
We know there is a yes inside you that hears these words.
And as your allies, your unmistakable allies, each of us tailor made of you, we wave into you a breath of liberty
so that indeed – in deed- your sovereignty may prevail.

If in any way you try to live the dreams of others be they from you family, your country or even your world,
YOU will hit the wall of these dreams that are too small and you will fall down
and sometimes you will forget to get up.

As you read this, each of you will arise and stand in new ways.
You will not be able to help it.
This is the ending of tyranny, Yes tyranny, now.

Now, if you choose, you can be free of the tyranny of time.
Your heartfelt desire for change within yourself and the world is only activated through the timeless NOW.
Time is a tool.
You are not its slave.

This land on which you stand has been over time a focal point for change.
Now your presence here is enlivening a release from tyranny.
Each of you has held tyranny by the hand.

Now you are free. It is that simple.
You are free if you allow.
If you let go like closing a door and walking away from the ancient library of habits
visited upon you when you were born.

We are washing you now.
He (David) is speaking but we are washing you.
Make no mistake. You are being freed and called into action.
Now your fire of truth will not be denied.
Your fire of truth will NOT be denied.

We your angelic allies fan your flames.
This is the time.
This is the time of NOW.

Arise brothers and sisters in the strength of our knowing and you will be met, met, met beyond reason
again and again until it is time to leave and join the greater energies.

And so it is. Thank you.

In love from David Mackenzie and Susan Perkins

4 comments on “Radical Call to Freedom & Action- Vista CA

  1. Karen Lane on

    Dear beloveds, we are taking in a deep breath of LOVE and FREEDOM! Thank you for blessing our home for five spectacular days! We were delighted to be the place of culmination of your U.S. journey. Blessings upon blessings to you both! Eternal love, K&W

  2. Blanca on

    I breathe this in and breathe out. And my spirit still moves, aligning, awakening sleepy parts. Beautiful! Powerful!

    With much gratitude and Love,



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