A Blessing for Loneliness

Sometimes in sessions, or because of our own inquiry, blessings show up.

Recently, the subject of loneliness appeared. We offer this for times when you or someone you love is in the grip of feeling lonely.


Loneliness comes from dreams that have been unfulfilled and are unmet in love. Know that your cries are heard. In attendance to your longing are a host of beings who wish to give you rest.

For you to receive the wholeness you long for, in love we ask you to release the hardened grip you have on what you desire.

The life of loneliness is strengthened into a rigid stance that can become so familiar that you think it is who you are. Even now as you read and hear these words the loneliness will fight to live. This is a habit that humans have carried a long time.

You can have liberty from this ancient habit.

Know that your loneliness is a call even a plea to feel the roots of your wholeness. This wholeness is a truth you desire to know.

The spirit that you truly are sings to you moment by moment. You are not lost to the sacredness you truly are.

The shouts and demands of your world and the controls of others have come to have an ever-present voice in your mind. You are not mad, the voices you hear within you are the echoes of others demanding of you to be a certain way so that you will fit in, be acceptable, or be normal.

Your soul song can never be destroyed. It cannot be lost.

Know that we stand in powerful love for you so that the song of love you are may rise to the surface and you can hear and know of your wholeness in love and life itself.

You are greater than what you have been programmed to be.

Loneliness is another form of the truth of who you really are desiring to be known.

It is in a way a necessary irritant to remind you to let go of the dreams of others.

On the other side of loneliness, only a few heartbeats away is the great truth you are. The vast sea of love holds you buoyant. You are not lost. You are creating freedom so that love will prevail.

You are remembering in this moment right now the truth of your wholeness. You are not alone. It is an illusion. There are many around you who are still awakening. As you emerge from the deep dream of separation and distance, you will discover those around you who are also awakening. And you will see each other and rejoice.

Little by little, the end of loneliness for your whole planet is happening. You are a leader of this great and kind change. We, the angelic host who love you rejoice.

Let go. Release the grip of your desperation. The tiniest movement creates vast change.


In love,

through David as transcribed by Susan

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