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How to Change You in Your Family

How to Change You in Your Family


 Families Are Complicated

Families are complicated.  Sometimes there is great life inside our families of origin but often our families provide the necessary friction which helps us grow. The question is how to change you in your family to make peace with the friction. In this video, David looks at how to be with the friction we feel in our families of origin and offers a redefinition of creating a family of choice.



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Grow Yourself and Your Community in 2018

To support you in making the most of your 2018, we are offering Group sessions. Why not make a commitment to yourself to really learn, grow and heal this year as never before.

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Isn’t it time to be in community so we can create a battery of evolution where we can have greater love for ourselves and the world around us? As members of one group say:

“I feel at home and safe in this group, held for who I am, because we are all there for the same reasons. The group gives me a springboard to go into my everyday life from. Then I get to return to the group, where I ground and inhabit my sense of personal evolution more and more.” L.F. San Francisco

“The group provides a firm foundation from which I feel safe to leap.” S.L. Sante Fe, NM

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The Man Who Died in My Arms and What I Learned

Susan’s father, Don Perkins, and I on the surface were very different men. We were brought together out of our mutual love for Susan. And yet, in my mind we were starkly contrasted people- I, the creative educator and medical intuitive and Don an international corporate leader.

One of the great gifts Don gave me was that I absolutely learned to follow was the promptings of my heart and not the noise in my mind.

dave and donTo me it was a surprising lesson to learn from a man who was very successful in the corporate world. He was highly principled, a mentor to business leaders and a man respected for asking hard questions.

Dying in Style


David and I were given a rare and loving gift during the month of March. We have been in the US caring for my father Donald Perkins who passed away Wednesday March 25th at the Age of 88.

We have had to cut back on our client load and workshops and want you all to know we will be back to our normal work schedule starting Wednesday April 1st.

Thank you to all who have supported us during this time so that we could be with our family.



 Dying in Style

Don and Susan sm

Don and Susan

My Father took the entire family on many amazing trips around the world. As he was dying, he decided everyone would gather for the Last Family Trip but this time we flew to Chicago to be with him

His wishes were that we celebrate and enjoy our family time together.

My Dad always liked to have a plan and to be in control and like his life he pulled off his death in great style. He didn’t want to suffer and thought it would be perfect to die in his sleep, and by golly he did just that.