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Joy Through Integrity

Joy through Integrity

Joy Through Integrity

Have you explored what your personal living definition of integrity is?

Does the integrity you learned serve you, your family and your community?

This word is a living word. For it to work we need to keep it alive by understanding it not just taking it for granted.

To fully live in joy free from the confines that hold us back we need to align with our soulful integrity.

Choosing to live in integrity, in the essence of our greater truth, we can have self-trust because we are connected to something bigger than our conditioning. From that place of self-trust and knowing we can expand our creative capacity to live a joyful life.

In a communication with our allies/friends in love, we explored the word Integrity. Here is what they shared:

The word integrity is used often among humans to describe a fidelity of being that is generally honored. That word points to the living remembrance of that joy-filled essence that you are. Generally, people consider the word integrity to be the same as this essence. The word is simply an echo of that essence. Few engage in an inquiry of sufficient depth to actually understand what generates the word integrity.

If a person says I am integrous with the essence I am, I AM, they will begin to open a direct flow from their essence into the great truth that they are in contrast to the diminished self they think themselves to be.

The word integrity regardless of the individual lives as a crystalline form within the brain and heart of each individual. This connection to the brain and heart results in different behavioral patterns that can be perceived of as either within or outside of integrity.

Very few people understand that if they are integrous to the soul that they are they will have self-trust.

The degree to which a person can risk overcoming the environmental constraints generated within families and community that will cause the Life of integrity to expand or contract.

There is a risk inherent within the choice to grow a different version of integrity than most begin with. Changing the nature of integrity correspondingly changes a comprehension of what Will is. This is because an individual can then begin to consider their choices and the domino effect and corresponding gravity their choices make.

 Will and Choice

A willful choice produces a gravitational field that forms into structure. These structures exist within a body and are of course physicalized in the world. We desire for you all to be liberated from the extra heavy gravity that self-generated free will produces. When a person becomes integrous with their essence there is a greater capacity for love in all its forms to inform choices and change actions.

We honor and appreciate that each soul who incarnates on earth becomes a catalytic agent for the healing of free will into sacred will and they can become an expression of the integrous flow of soulful knowing that at their essence they truly are.

We’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments below.

In Love,

Susan and David
Wisdom Rx

A Journey or a Trip?

A cure for when you feel stupid

A Journey or a Trip?

‘Trip’ is a word with so many meanings.

Back in the old days of longer hair and patchouli oil a ‘trip’ was what happened when someone took some form of hallucinogenic drug. Sometimes people really changed. They understood their spirit in a new way. Other times they were just entertaining or distracting themselves.

Sometimes the word ‘trip’ is used to describe going from one place to another. We want to get there quickly on the super highway.  Other times it can be a little slower but we still want to “get there’ just the same.

Journeys are very different.

What is Healing?

What is Healing?

There are a lot of definitions of healing, maybe some of them work for you and maybe some don’t.

But what if healing is as individual as you are?

Healing can mean that the symptoms of disease are gone or that the tensions that have run our lives have been replaced by ease.

But healing can also include a peaceful death or an acceptance of the fact that we live in bodies that are not meant to last.

And most of all,  what does healing mean to you?

To really claim the power, the wholeness of the word we have to create our own definition.

Here are seven things we can do that allow for healing to occur.

What Allows for True Healing?

  • Give up demanding that the situation in your body or the situation around you be the way you want it to be. When we demand we create obstacles for what is possible.
  • Make friends with what seems to be the enemy, be it cancer or poverty. Having a war against anything especially in our bodies always makes more of a mess.
  • Accept what is happening will allow the miraculous to happen and create the space for real change to show up.
  • Be curious and wonder about what is not only possible, but about what the healing opportunity is telling you. There is much we can learn as we heal.
  • Notice.  Awareness is curative.  When we become curious, we bring our awareness to what is present. The act of observation changes both the observed and the observer.
  • Attend to all the layers of life, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental. To heal from anything requires attention to the multiple layers of life.
  • Create your own definition of healing; don’t try to live from someone else’s definition. To make healing really work for us we have to claim it as our own.

What does healing mean for you? Would you like to create your own definition of what healing is?  We’d love to help you Get Started.

And if you are wondering if healing is possible for you, sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s our birthright.

Healing is your Birthright

Relief From Lying

Lies make us ill, whether we’re lying to one another or ourselves.

Lying separates us from our own truth and is just plain hard on our bodies.  It takes energy to lie, energy that could be available for life affirming actions.

When we lie, we create blockages in our physical body, resistance in our emotional field and separation from our spirit selves. The suffering we have carried because of lying has been great.

What is lying?

Changing an Ancient Habit- Vengeance

Changing an ancient habit – Vengeance

What if….. you could create a nuclear event of vast goodness?

What if….. you discovered you had more power as an agent of change than you’ve ever imagined?

What if….. you could give away a weight that’s been hanging around your neck for a long time, so long that you just got used to it?

If you could do any of these would you be willing to give up a habit that would change you and the world around you?

A Cure for When You Feel Stupid

A cure for when you feel stupid


Stupid is a word with big teeth.

It is a word we each learned from someone who misunderstood the wondrous value of not knowing.
It is a word designed to take a piece out of the soulful confidence, the soulful knowing that we are.
It is a word designed to shackle and limit the voice of truth in your heart.

Sure You Can- An Antidote to Doubt

An Antidote for doubt

Over the years we have received many requests for blessings, most often during sessions. Lately we have written blessings for weddings, surgeries, doctor visits and family conflicts.

As part of our offering to our collective evolution, we will be sending you blessings periodically from the spiritual team that works with us when we work with clients. We offer these blessings as reminders to receive from the spirit of life the gifts of your wise heart and loving nature.

What is Depression?

Prayer your way

What is Depression?

Almost 10% of the American adult population suffers from depression, an astounding 19 million people. link

Depression among preschoolers is increasing 23% per year and they represent the fastest growing market for antidepressants. link

What’s wrong with this picture?

All of us will experience depression at times during our lives. You know the feeling. It’s like being underwater … or not being sure how to breathe. A peculiar heaviness makes everything difficult. Even moving your body becomes a challenge.

The millions of people taking anti depressants often experience temporary relief, which can be a virtual lifesaver.  But did you know that, historically, anti-depressants were prescribed as an accompaniment to some form of therapeutic process? The purpose of the drug was to provide a breath of fresh air so that the patient – in concert with their support team – could gain a perspective and understanding of the circumstances in their life that caused the depression. Today, more often than not, only drugs are prescribed and the root causes are not explored.

We invite our clients to ask themselves: what will it take for you to integrate the painful aspects of your life?

Depression is not dead weight. It is fuel for life. But, that fuel must be burned.

TV advertisements assure us that pills will take away our depression, thereby solving our problems and restoring our previously happy life (just look at the before and after images… what a transformation!). While appropriate medications can work miracles for people, unless the underlying circumstances that are producing symptoms are not attended to, suppressed symptoms will go somewhere else in the body.

What is Depression?

After years of working with people in our Medical Intuitive practice, we’ve come to appreciate depression as a valid stage within an individual’s evolution. We have learned how to assist people to reclaim the strength that often gets sapped by illness.  Depression can be used as a catalyst for honest comprehension of circumstances that have changed or must change for the next chapter of life to open.

In other words, depression can be used to your advantage. Depression can become a lever to get you unstuck, especially in the midst of a physical illness.

What is Depression?

photo by David C. MacKenzie

Life is astoundingly complex, designed to provide us an entire spectrum of experience from the very highs to the very lows. Yes, there are many things in the world today that we can sadden ourselves over. But to feel uncertainty, fear and sorrow is a symptom of life itself.  And compassion, which is a revelation of heartfelt understanding, can be enlivened by the gift of depression. As Thomas Moore wrote in Care of the Soul: “Melancholy thoughts carve out an interior space where wisdom can take up residence.”

If you’re feeling stuck in the heaviness and doubt that sometimes occurs in the healing process, please invite our help.

Let us help your depression bloom into understanding, so that the darkness you feel can be met by the light of a new day and open a new chapter in your life. After all, darkness is no more than the absence of light.

Quoting again from Moore: “What if ‘depression’ were simply a state of being, neither good nor bad, something the Soul does in its own good time and for its own good reasons.”

We respect the cycles in your life. What you are feeling is … what you are feeling! For good reason. Let us help you discover what those reasons are and turn depression into liberation.

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