A Journey or a Trip?

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A Journey or a Trip?

‘Trip’ is a word with so many meanings.

Back in the old days of longer hair and patchouli oil a ‘trip’ was what happened when someone took some form of hallucinogenic drug. Sometimes people really changed. They understood their spirit in a new way. Other times they were just entertaining or distracting themselves.

Sometimes the word ‘trip’ is used to describe going from one place to another. We want to get there quickly on the super highway.  Other times it can be a little slower but we still want to “get there’ just the same.

Journeys are very different.

A journey is less concerned with speed and efficiency.
A journey nurtures the presence of wonder, serendipity, and beauty.

Are you on a journey or a trip in your life right now?

Sometimes getting somewhere the quickest way possible- the shortest trip- is life saving. You wouldn’t want an ambulance to take you on the journey route.

However, you could have a journey that would change your life inside the ambulance.

It’s really important, we’ve discovered, to have the power to choose a trip or journey.

We need journeys to stay honest with ourselves and to discover what’s pregnant inside of us that has to live but also what needs to die and transform.

Our journey this summer is necessary.  We need to be in the air, the light and the fragrances of the land.   We’ve structured this journey with lots of room for mystery to guide us and for discovery.

One of the most beautiful and honest depictions of what a journey is came from Louis Vuitton, the luggage company.

Below is the link.  It’s not very long, only a couple of minutes.  We hope you’ll use it so you can notice and have the power to choose journey or trip.  When you choose you’ll feel your aliveness, you’ll feel the song in your blood, you’ll know you’re more than just a body fulfilling a role.

Journeys become rich because they encourage us to make friends with uncertainty- the unpredictable but the necessary. We take you with us in our hearts.  Thank you for being part of the communion of life we know we are within and that this journey will reveal in even greater ways.

Will you journey with us? What’s calling you?


David and Susan

We’d love to hear about your journey. Please share your comments below.

Louis Vuitton  The Journey

One comment on “A Journey or a Trip?

  1. Blanca on

    Dear Susan and David,

    Perfect! Just what I needed today! Yesterday was a trip of “to do’s”. I felt flat, like cardboard. Today is a day of infinite journeys inside and out. I am so deepened by your sharing. The Luis Vuitton commercial visuals and music brought me even deeper into the precipice of unknowing today. Forever grateful for your intro. and timing!




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