Joy Through Integrity

Joy through Integrity

Joy Through Integrity

Have you explored what your personal living definition of integrity is?

Does the integrity you learned serve you, your family and your community?

This word is a living word. For it to work we need to keep it alive by understanding it not just taking it for granted.

To fully live in joy free from the confines that hold us back we need to align with our soulful integrity.

Choosing to live in integrity, in the essence of our greater truth, we can have self-trust because we are connected to something bigger than our conditioning. From that place of self-trust and knowing we can expand our creative capacity to live a joyful life.

In a communication with our allies/friends in love, we explored the word Integrity. Here is what they shared:

The word integrity is used often among humans to describe a fidelity of being that is generally honored. That word points to the living remembrance of that joy-filled essence that you are. Generally, people consider the word integrity to be the same as this essence. The word is simply an echo of that essence. Few engage in an inquiry of sufficient depth to actually understand what generates the word integrity.

If a person says I am integrous with the essence I am, I AM, they will begin to open a direct flow from their essence into the great truth that they are in contrast to the diminished self they think themselves to be.

The word integrity regardless of the individual lives as a crystalline form within the brain and heart of each individual. This connection to the brain and heart results in different behavioral patterns that can be perceived of as either within or outside of integrity.

Very few people understand that if they are integrous to the soul that they are they will have self-trust.

The degree to which a person can risk overcoming the environmental constraints generated within families and community that will cause the Life of integrity to expand or contract.

There is a risk inherent within the choice to grow a different version of integrity than most begin with. Changing the nature of integrity correspondingly changes a comprehension of what Will is. This is because an individual can then begin to consider their choices and the domino effect and corresponding gravity their choices make.

 Will and Choice

A willful choice produces a gravitational field that forms into structure. These structures exist within a body and are of course physicalized in the world. We desire for you all to be liberated from the extra heavy gravity that self-generated free will produces. When a person becomes integrous with their essence there is a greater capacity for love in all its forms to inform choices and change actions.

We honor and appreciate that each soul who incarnates on earth becomes a catalytic agent for the healing of free will into sacred will and they can become an expression of the integrous flow of soulful knowing that at their essence they truly are.

We’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments below.

In Love,

Susan and David
Wisdom Rx

4 comments on “Joy Through Integrity

  1. Mignon on

    Thank you, you two. This resonated through my BE-ing.
    I realize at times I have lived like this in bigger choices “I” made and I felt truly myself. And more and more now in my daily living.
    In Gratitude,

    • Arthur Weiss on

      I had a confirmation yesterday of my internal guide. I was doing a difficult crossword puzzle. Although I had completed only half and would ordinarily stop and look in the back for the answer,I was propelled to continue. Slowly, after several hours the words came one after another and there I was with the completed puzzle. I stood in the awe of awareness knowing it was from my inner core that energized and helped produce this completion. I cut out the puzzle ,pasted it on the wall in front of my desk and will refer to it as a continuous reminder that my energy source is there for me.

  2. Linda Vandiver on

    Thank you…this is perfect. I have been thinking about integrity and what I choose as integrity…… and from what perspective I choose it !! And how others view it..!!!
    I would be interested in a group…. !!

  3. Clementina Beas Moreno on

    WOW ¡¡ Gracias queridos Susan & David
    Han tocado mi corazón y he tomado consciencia de la sabiduría de sus amables palabras.
    Mi SER de manera amable y conscientemente en la conexión con EL YO SOY respira suavemente y se conecta con la Alegría de alinearse a la Integridad de mi Alma amorosa, confiando en que se abre el Flujo Divino de Conocimiento y Abundancia.
    Gracias ¡.
    Sincera y amorosamente Clemen


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