Changing an Ancient Habit- Vengeance

Changing an ancient habit – Vengeance

What if….. you could create a nuclear event of vast goodness?

What if….. you discovered you had more power as an agent of change than you’ve ever imagined?

What if….. you could give away a weight that’s been hanging around your neck for a long time, so long that you just got used to it?

If you could do any of these would you be willing to give up a habit that would change you and the world around you?

The trouble with old habits is that they can disappear into the network of normal everyday thinking.

This particular habit is woven into the fabric of each one of us whether we meditate, do yoga, are vegans or eat fast food everyday. It’s not even personal the way this one works. It’s like a bad smell in the air that we just got used to and can show up fast, like lightening in a summer sky. This ancient habit has the power to time warp us and quickly turn what we know of love into longing and loss.

No one is immune.


Recently David woke up with a really uncomfortable realization. During his nighttime journeys he had been shown a bleak and hungry habit that all of us are connected to. It’s a habit that was filled with sadness and therefore disquieting in a profound way. A habit that keeps sorrow stuck in all of our lives.

What he was shown was that our collective world habit of vengeance was ripe for indelible change.

As he woke up, he called in every loving prayerful connection he had knowing that the darkness he had seen wanted the light of love and that he could play a small part in a great evolution.

He saw the dense pattern of vengeance begin to be touched by the wash of love, understanding and kindness he called in. It instantly began to open and pieces of it began to fall away. He could see from the threads of vengeance in himself how they wove out into the world and were a part of all of us.

If you’re reading this you are an evolutionary being. And we, all of us, can through owning our connection no matter how small to this legacy of vengeance, end it once and for all.

Ending Vengeance Action Step

Tiny as it may be, see or feel vengeance inside you in it’s various forms and bring your heart to what you see. Use that thread of connection as a fiber optic cable of light to transmit a blast of love to shift this ancient habit.

Everyone carries a piece of this human condition that’s the good news. Because we are all connected to it and by finding our personal link, we can upload a blast of love to shift this ancient habit ending it once and for all.

One comment on “Changing an Ancient Habit- Vengeance

  1. Karen Lane on

    Oh darlings, you’ve done it again! Touched my heart with unutterable bliss! As I read every line, I think, “Yes, yes, YES! Thank you for your fiber optic cable of light transmitting a blast of love right to me! xoxoxoxo


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