Radio Interview with David Mackenzie

The World of a Medical Intuitive- Radio Interview with David MacKenzie

We met Dr. Emmett Miller and his wife Sandy in San Miguel de Allende Mexico a few months ago.  What we liked about them was that they were each dedicated to self-healing, wellness, success, and global transformation. David Mackenzie

And to our surprise, we didn’t know that Emmett had a radio program. He interviewed David on his show Conversations with Extraordinary People.

David talks about his background and valuable lessons we have learned from all those we’ve worked with.

They had a lot of fun exploring together.

Here’s the link:

The World of a Medical Intuitive: A Conversation with David MacKenzie

Dr. Miller introduced his mind-body approach to the fields of medicine and psychology in the 1970s and has continued to champion focusing your mind, accessing your inner power, and harnessing stress and converting it to energy to create optimal performance and well being.

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And if you like stories-

Those of you who have worked with us know how healing a story can be. We have another audio gem called The Queen of the Sea- a Healing Journey for you by Intuitive Story Teller Leo Sofer.

Click the link below and give yourself a healing treat and listen to:

The Queen of the Sea- a Healing Journey

With love and blessings from the Canadian part of our Journey,

Susan and David

2 comments on “Radio Interview with David Mackenzie

  1. Jo Norris on

    Your interview, this interactive moment in creation was simply glorious. Thank you so much, David, Susan and Dr. Miller

    Great love, Jo

  2. Blanca on

    Oh my gosh! I have the chills, my hair is all standing on end and my heart is still opening deeper and deeper! To hear what you two do together was incredible! Major transmission coming through! Keep it up! Hearing Emmett and David so alive in conversation is a real lifter. Feel more appreciation for life and you all. Thank you for being here and opening up.


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