The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey

We have a treasure we want to share with you.

Leo and Lara April 2015, smaller (1)

Leo and his daughter

A dear friend and colleague Leo Sofer is an Intuitive story teller at Stories for the Journey Home. He’s been telling stories since 1989 and has developed Intuitive Storytelling as a way of accessing our inherent wisdom and expressing it in story form.

We asked him to reflect us to us-
Something we do for our clients.

We felt we had outgrown the way we understood the essence of the work we do within Wisdom Rx. We knew we desperately needed someone to reflect to us the strength and essence of who we have been and who we are becoming. Leo brilliantly provided us with The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey.

We met Leo in a business program we were both in several years ago.  What was exciting about Leo was his consistent clarity and his powerful understanding of what “story” in its most vibrant form means to the human spirit. We have learned that his mastership of intuitive story telling has come from disciplined inquiry into the nature of the history of stories combined with his committed desire to grow his heart and how he lives through his heart within his family and the world.

He interviewed us deeply from the heart. A longing was fulfilled in each of us to be seen and heard richly and completely. Through the discipline and true magic of his Intuitive Storytelling, he created The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey which gets to the essence of us and those we serve.

This story tells the truth we all long to hear.

It describes perfectly and beautifully an inner quest for healing and healing fulfilled. Remember how wonderful it was to have someone tell you a life changing story?

Click the link below and give yourself a treat and listen to:

The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey

Leo with words and music opens a world of healing possibilities. We love this reflection of our work and all that we learn from those we serve.

We’d love to know what you think and feel after listening. Please come back and share below.


The Queen of the Sea drawing

2 comments on “The Queen of the Sea- A Healing Journey

  1. Blanca on

    I took the time when my mind was fresh to submerge myself into this story. What imagery. What grief and gratitude I felt as I rode with and as her. Truly I thank you, for sharing such a precious gem. I will be listening again and again! Great story telling! A real soul feeder.


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