Yearning for Sacred Integrity?

Do you feel as if much of your life is filled with activities that don’t match the depths of your true nature?

Are there times when you feel as if you have walked away from yourself and towards something that was not true?

During our journey this summer in the US and Canada and now back home in Mexico we continue to notice that many of us are yearning to live more impeccably in our own sacred integrity.


Recently a client broke away from the habitual expressions that were holding her back:

“I decided to work with David and Susan due to constant pain in my hip that had appeared 10 months prior.  I previously sought out two doctors, stretching and physical therapy and nothing seemed to work.I would have to say that I got so much more than I anticipated in my work with Wisdom Rx. I had a team cheering me on, pointing out my brilliance, supporting me in big decisions and offering their unconditional love, every step of the way 

I learned a new way of seeing and will continue to challenge my perception of things moving forward.  And I learned to honor so much more of myself, my process and my life through their guidance.

Early in our work, I asked for “more movement”. Within a month my life totally changed and I am now creating a new business.  I am steeped in excitement and positivity having let go of fear in a very big and life-changing way.  David and Susan helped support that transition and my way of viewing myself in the world.  And my hip pain totally disappeared with that transition.”  J.M. New Jersey

In listening to the wisest part of our being we can ask for direction, information and new understanding in all aspects of our lives.

Our friend, Leo Sofer** the intuitive storyteller, that we introduced you to this spring wrote:

“So much of our modern existence keeps us busy with things that do not bear any relationship to our depths. So we slowly lose touch with the one thing that we yearn for more than anything else.”

In a beautiful audio story with music, he tells a story called Queen of the Sea based on the work of Wisdom Rx. It is a story that gets to the heart and soul of the experiences our client expressed.

We want to share his blog and audio story so you can feel your sacred integrity reflected in it. We hope it will help you connect more to your own true nature.

Take a half hour and feel yourself as never before.

Please read his blog and listen to the Queen of the Sea by clicking here.

Leo and Lara April 2015, smaller (1)



**Leo Sofer has been telling stories since 1989 and has developed Intuitive Storytelling as a way of accessing our inherent wisdom and expressing it in story form. He has worked with thousands of people over the last 25 years, telling stories and leading trainings in Intuitive Storytelling.

2 comments on “Yearning for Sacred Integrity?

  1. Blanca on

    Beautiful! Susan and David! Beautiful! And the picture too!
    So many times I feel like in my buzz-“I”-ness I leave my soul out, just hanging there, waiting to be included. Sometimes I feel like it is like leaving home with that nigling feeling I forgot something but not able to place what it is. I have learned to ask myself about EVERYTHING! And wait to listen for that deep knowing which comes in a few forms, but one, my body will respond in a “yeas, no” answer. If I am out too long or into conversation too long I feel like an excited kid who in her curiosity lost sight of “mom”. I also noticed when I am feeling weak, or my voice gets really quiet, it is not a place I am to be in, or a conversation I am to speak in or about. When my energy is strong, I am in the right direction. And reading this blog and the stories again and knowing of your offering to Mexican residencers is exciting. Thank you for continually putting your great wisdom out there and sharing your amazing insights!

  2. Dene on

    Beautifully written … yes, there is a deep hunger, a longing for some more authentic connection. It is often mistaken for something OUTSIDE ourselves, but that hunger is for a homecoming, a coming home to ourselves on the INSIDE.


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