Juicy Truths From Our Journey 2015


Magic cloud in Osoyoos BC

We’re back at home in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico integrating the many gifts we received on our summer journey. It was rich with family, new friends and reconnections and the spirit of the land all enveloped us.

We started in Chicago for the memorial gathering for Susan’s father. Honor and love abounded. Each place we visited taught us something about ourselves, community, love and the state of the world.

Between our own learning and the many sessions we did along the way, we want to share some of the juicy truths and common threads that are showing up.

They are great examples of the wisdom that is emerging and how we can support ourselves and one another as we learn, grow and heal.

1. Eat alive, undomesticated foods

We are seeing a common thread. Many clients have stated “I can’t eat what I used to be able to, even things that a few months back worked for me.”

One of our basic discoveries was how important it is for us to eat food that is alive or put another way undomesticated.

As we elevate our consciousness, our bodies are elevating too and many, many more of us are necessarily adjusting the foods we consume.

After all we are a whole system. The wildness of living food feeds the liberty our hearts and souls are seeking.

Four key irritants that many are needing to eliminate are gluten, cow dairy, refined sugar and GMO foods. Whatever the problem food is, focusing on eating alive undomesticated foods makes a difference.


daisies 1

Daisies after a welcomed rain in Ashland Oregon

2. In our aliveness we are connected with everything else.

This may seem like a pretty elementary statement, but being on a motorcycle for two months in a meditative presence, breathing the air, being on the land, experiencing the wildlife and plant life over three countries has grown our capacity to feel, sense and know our interconnectedness to all life.

The intelligence of life that we area part of is a resource that we have often ignored or have been taught to feel separate from.

There is wealth beyond our wildest dreams in world around us.

if you want to dive in more deeply, join us in reading-
Plant intelligence and the Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner



One of four snake messengers in one day

3. We are here for a divine purpose.

As our clients open to their natural wisdom and expand their perceptive frameworks, we are witnessing a sense of purpose and power emerge.

Perception is learned. We are trained to see ourselves and the world in ways that shrink the truth of our lives and the vast sea of life we live in.

In one session- the following quote came through from the angelic allies:

“Earth is just the catalytic environment where you can claim vast knowing on a soul level.”

Our divine purpose is to learn, grow, and heal and to express our unique gifts as part of the whole. When we deny our own wisdom and knowing we create turbulence in our bodies and get sick. 

Many frameworks we have been taught get in the way of knowing and living our purpose.

The life that we are is so much vaster than the bodies we are in. It’s time to further open our perception and remove restrictive frameworks, which keep us asleep. We will bring more of what we learn from the fields of Wisdom Rx in blogs to follow.

Please share with us your stories of food, interconnectedness and divine purpose below!!!

And…. If you are ready to access more of your natural wisdom, clarify your divine purpose and undo some restrictive frameworks, we’d love to work with you. Click here.


3 comments on “Juicy Truths From Our Journey 2015

  1. Blanca on

    Susan and David,

    How beautiful! I feel like you have been on my journey with me!
    I feel more rooted in who I am and my truth. All the things I have garnered from outside me, I am now asking consciously and consistently “is this correct for me?” Habits are leaving, unsheathing whom I really am. I trust my wisdom far more than I ever have. The main piece I learned from my travel is “health begins with truth.” There is no hiding, stuffing or brushing it aside. Only looking, at it straight on and feeling it in its entirety in each moment as possible, it is unthinkable any other way. Thank you for your sharing and the space to share back!
    Love to you, two!

  2. Jonathan on

    Wow, so good to be with you all in Nelson — thanks for connecting me with the ‘Team.’ Their guidance continues to be impeccable (so says this humble magnificent worm)! Domestication is vastly over-rated. Love you both,

  3. LV on

    As the days pass, since I was with you….I realize the freedom I now feel ! The stories I lived as I tried to fulfill my family conditioning are gone. The guilt that was my attempt to survive these patterns is gone. I am so blessed to have had this experience and so very grateful. Thank you !!!


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