The Beginning of the Wisdom Rx Tour

Our Collective Learning

As we’ve sat with our experience in Arkansas from our first two talks we wanted to share two key learnings that we called forth from the collective field of us all.

The Notion of Time

For us all to do the work we are destined to do we must be off the clock. Time is a construct that gets in the way of our greater knowing. We have dallied long enough in the time warps of others. We have been living by the beat of a drummer that is not our own beat. Now we are to claim the rhythm, the beat, the pulse of our time out of time.

It doesn’t mean we won’t continue to understand the conveyances of time as it manages the operations of this planet. It is however a thinly veiled lie that poses as a reality. Remember we each are programmed into compliance with the containers that time pretends to be.

We are More Than We Think

We’ve thought ourselves smaller than we really are. We are vast beyond what you have been told. We are not to be afraid to let our fullness be fully seen, fully expressed. For us to be more fully ourselves we must risk, risk, risk what makes us comfortable for what makes our hearts sing.

We are alive in a miracle device called the body. It is dynamic and alive beyond anything you might imagine but the knowing, the spirit, the vision each of us possess has the capacity to see, to feel the fullness, the miraculous spectrum our bodies sing out.

Each of us is an agent of the divine, the source of life from which we come and most importantly that which we are. Life itself and who we are, are one. This atomic reality is coming present to us.

The Trip

We were met by Sandy at the Airport in Little Rock Arkansas and  spent the day in his garage prepping the motorcycle. And No….. not everything we brought fit on the bike. Our kitchen supplies had to stay behind.

Perk George and Silver

Here’s our set up for the first week. It’s good to be on the land.

David at home in Eureka

And below is Our First stop in Oark AR. A stunningly beautiful location with people to match.

Oark location

However, We didn’t quite get a picture of everyone gathered.
Here are a few who had to wait outside.

Here are some of us though! Susan Drouilhet our sponsor, Cynda Helms in front, Caitlin Stewart and of course Susan and David.

Cathy and Doug Strubel who have lived in Oark over 30 years and just want people to know “that it’s possible to live on the earth without destroying it.”

Cathy and Doug
David and the three Susans. Our setting in Oark was Susan Gateley who’s on the far left .

And so we set off for Boulder for a few days of rest before onto Steamboat Springs, CO.

Our Next 2 Stops


Free Talk Tuesday, Sept. 23rd 5:30 – 7pm
at Happy’s Space
8th & Oak St. In the back alley, underneath the EastWest Frame Shop.
Steamboat Springs, CO

Private Sessions at Happy’s Space
Wednesday, Sept. 24th 8:30am – 5:30pm

Followed by

Free Talk  Friday Sept. 26th 5:30 – 7pm.

Sponsored by Davi Nikent.
The Third Street Center In the Calaway Room

520 Third Street
Carbondale, CO

Private Sessions Saturday Sept. 27th 9 am – 6 pm
at the office of Kersten Wilson
1101 Village Rd.
Upper level B
Carbondale, CO

We’d love to see you along our Journey.


Susan and David

4 comments on “The Beginning of the Wisdom Rx Tour

  1. Tena Chinn on

    Great job packing!!! ‘m amazed at what you did pack on the bike. Looks like a gloreous trip so far. We’ve been reflecting on all of the many wonderful meals and friendships of our Mexico adventure. David – one of the most memorable “flavors” for me were your roasted portobellas..when you have your next free moment would love your recipe.
    We hope your US adventure continues to be successful and fulfilling for everyone, and that it might include Phoenix.

    Our best to you and the journey- Love -Fred & Tena

  2. Wayne on

    WOW!!! I love your new bike…..even gave me a thrill chill. It is so wonderful seeing you…as David says, “Living life broadly, deeply……” I am looking forward to the next exciting episode of ‘The Living Adventures of Susan and David’. Thanks for including me……….Well-Meaning Wayne

  3. Ruth Hayward on

    Lovely to get your first posting and the pictures. You two look like you are ready for a trip to Mars with all that gear on. Missing your vibrations in San Miguel

  4. Blanca on

    Hey, you two! Loved hearing from you! what an amazing adventure! My heart “sings” to your sharing. Unraveling from the spin cycle, coming to my intuitive body timing here in San Miguel. Remembering and “great-filled” with the whole being that resides in this “miraculous” body machine. Your words are profound to me as the energy penetrates my being. Thank you and more…

    What a beast of a traveling machine! You too look awesome and Alive!
    Have great joy and fun travels!




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