Blessing- A Pause That Refreshes 1.2.19


A Pause that Refreshes


What if you stopped all the things that you think you should do?

Some things require completion.

Some things can have a rest.


Now is the time to reassess how you are spending your life.

Are you using your daily dose of aliveness to do the same old thing?

Or are you shifting and growing and leaving behind what’s over.


Prayerfully ask yourself,

Is this really for my highest good?

Is this something I need to complete today?

Am I doing something that I really believe in?


Bless yourself with a pause that refreshes your life.


Taking personal control of how you are spending your time frees you from

the demands from others on the time of your life.


Love,  Susan and David


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5 comments on “Blessing- A Pause That Refreshes 1.2.19

  1. Lola weiss on

    Thank you Susan for your uplifting message. I’ve already begun my preparations
    for some new beginnings!
    Much love to you and David, and many blessings for your new journey!?Lola

  2. Carina on

    Hi you two. Timely. I just transcribed today’s blessing into my agenda – what a perfect location for this blessing (and the others): the place where I plan the use of my time….Seems like the agenda format is just one great spot for these….xo Carina


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