Harvesting Wisdom

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As our notions of time are changing, we thought it timely to honor and encourage the timelessness of the Wisdom that we are.

Wisdom will have its way with us whether it shows up through serendipity, an inkling that won’t go away or a stubbed toe. The something that gets our attention is wisdom knocking at our door.

What’s your Wisdom that’s available for harvest?

Our purpose through Wisdom Rx is simple, we serve as catalysts and reminders to the Wisdom you are and want to manifest. As Michael Meade from Mosaic Voices of Community says, wisdom isn’t about a formula, wisdom is about “being” itself.

The “being” we’re referring to is the wondrously simple most essential part of ourselves, the part that’s just there, that circulates our blood.

There’s braining and there’s being.  Brains with all of their analytic capacity tend to complicate the essentials of living. Being underpins everything we think, feel and express. Wisdom comes out of being.

We have a choice. How much of our being are we willing to notice? How willing can we be to simply separate all the majestic complexity of our brains from the grand truth of the being that we are? That’s the dance we’re in. Wisdom lives in being. What if we let wisdom harvest our habits that have become too little to live in and thrive?

Harvesting Wisdom Tips

1. Notice the difference between your brain voice and your wisdom voice.

2. Experiment with letting your knowing (code word for wisdom) guide you.

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