Serendipity- The Key to Health and Joy

The key to health and joy

Sometimes we can miss the answer we really need because we “think” it should look, feel and be a certain way. In fact, our choices are based on a proven model from the past not necessarily what is needed in the present.

When we cultivate serendipity, we allow ourselves the opportunity to find the answer we are really seeking that will bring the change we really need.

Serendipity is The Gift of Your Natural Born Curiosity

Richard Eyre states in one of our longstanding favorite books,
Spiritual Serendipity, Cultivating and Celebrating the Art of the Unexpected

“On one level serendipity is the ability to notice what others miss—to observe and appreciate beauty, to sense needs and opportunities, to be receptive to impressions, intuitions, and insights. On a higher level, serendipity of the spirit is receptiveness to inputs beyond our senses—to the deeper nudges and inspirations that come to our hearts and souls.” p. 27

How do we prepare and receive the gift of serendipity that is waiting all around us?

It’s so simple. Be willing to let wonder and discovery prevail. Do you remember the surprise and delight you felt to discover something by what seemed an accident and yet turned out to be the missing ingredient you were needing? Serendipity is enabled by a willingness to be surprised, to allow for answers in a way that is completely unexpected.

“Chance favors the prepared.” Louis Pasteur

Healing and joy are available to us all the time if we allow serendipity to be part of our process.

Tips for Cultivating Serendipity- the key to health and joy

1. Feel, notice and sense something around you that’s out of the ordinary. That’s serendipity knocking at your door.

2. Admit you don’t know (yes there’s safety in declaring ignorance. It’s where all great discoveries and changes come from.)

3. Remember this is a skill we’ve all been trained not to use that’s always available if we want it.

Serendipity is like a dog who discovers the joy of having a tail.
It’s always been there and it sure is fun to play with.

photo by David C. MacKenzie

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