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The Importance of Trusting Uncertainty

You don’t know what you don’t know.
It’s a simple and powerful truth.

What if, when we don’t know there’s “a special knowing” that’s there for us?

Uncertainty is like spring. When a daffodil bulb feels the call of the sun warming the earth, it can’t see the light but it knows it’s there. And through a gesture of faith, it begins its journey to the light.

Curing “Blindness”

Curing "Blindness"

There are many forms of blindness.

There are those who stop seeing because physically their eyes or their brain are no longer capable of producing the result we call sight. And there are others’ whose thoughts are so thick that they see the world through a logjam of beliefs, ideas and ideologies, expectations, hopes and habits resulting in a different loss of sight.

We’re referring to this logjam kind of blindness. How do we cure “blindness”?

Got Questions That Won’t Go Away?

Questions that won't go away

We live in a time when questions aren’t supposed to last very long. With a few keystrokes we can get an answer to almost any question we might ask.

What if there are some questions that aren’t supposed to go away?

What if the first answer isn’t always the right answer?

What if part of the foundation of a rich, loving life is having some questions that stick around?