Who Wrote the Book of Love AND…

Some friends of ours suggested this week that when we use our wonder and curiosity, the creativity of our lives will grow like crazy particularly over the next 10 days.

Well, we are acting on our wonder, curiosity and the creativity of our hearts. We’re moving to Phoenix, Arizona. We are leaving Ashland, Oregon, where we have been loved and encouraged and heading to another place of great community for us.

Have you ever had a calling to be somewhere that just won’t go away? That’s what happened to us. The heart and soul of Phoenix and the friendships we have there have presented an opportunity for us to be evolutionary advocates. We’ve discovered that moving away from the known into the arms of the unknown promotes a great sense of strength, delight and wonder.

You might be curious why we chose the title Who Wrote The Book of Love. David woke up one morning thinking about wonder and remembered this song written back in 1958. It begins, “ I wonder, wonder who, who wrote the book of love?” It seemed a perfect theme song to go with our day and the leap of love in which we find ourselves.

Any leaps of love inside you?

Love leaping is the perfect ground for wonder and curiosity to blossom and grow your creativity.

Let’s all leap.  Here’s a link to the song.

Who Wrote the Book of Love

Our next blog will be from our new home.

9 comments on “Who Wrote the Book of Love AND…

  1. Kim Carpenter on

    HI you two,
    Many blessings and love blasting your way from my heart to yours. I was in Phoenix for the first time this year and the sunsets are stunning. Look forward to hearing about your wondrous adventure as it unfolds.
    love love love you both, Kim

    • Susan and David on

      I’m so glad you are a doo wop hound dog! The correction is made! And to think I was born that year! 🙂 Susan

    • michael grant white on

      Oh ye es I’m the Great Pre etender.
      Magic Touch, The Treasure of Love., Oh what a night. Goodnight My Love,
      Johnny Otis on the radio.
      Huggie Boy. Wolfman Jack.
      Oh what a blessed time was that.

      Dems were da days.


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