Invocation for Joy and Strength 2017

Many have concerns about the year ahead.

We asked our sacred allies to provide an invocation blessing to assist us in growing and empowering ourselves as we enter the New Year.

It is important that we all open to the state of revelation that will assist us in navigating with joy, strength and clarity the evolutionary patterns that will be birthed.

The root of the word revelation means to lift above. We can all lift above the noise and confusion and see, feel and know how to move on the path that love itself wants us to be on.

Invocation Blessing for Joy and Strength

Sons and daughters of holy light, we, your sacred allies stand with you closer than ever.

There will be fears and doubts in the air that you will feel.
They are not your truth.
They are symptoms of an up-welling of huge change.

Even though all around you turmoil might prevail, you have within the true roots of your being, a pool of calm truth, of abundance in all ways.

And enormous strength that is truly who you are.

During the rocky periods focus within on that pool of light and you will rise above the waves and see the shore of a new land calling to you. Trust that you will arrive because you are on your way.

Love knows love.
And you are being magnetically drawn moment by moment, day by day to a new land in which joy and love are the foundations.
Remember you are not alone.

Feel the aliveness of the space around you.
There is a holy breath there holding you now.
You are enclosed in holy aliveness.
Receive this energy and you will know with certainty how to act.

Remember, remember your mind at times will scramble in all the differences around you. It is hunting for a solution based on the past.
That is what minds do.

The soul you are holds your mind in check and can feel the rising sea of truth that will lift you up and above and away from the dead gravities of old thinking patterns.

If you allow, we will help you claim the bright newness waiting within your next breath to be activated. Simple say:

I am open. I receive the light, the song of the new and I give over my will into the presence of the holy of holies, the life beyond all my memories, thoughts and words. And in this knowing, I am met with warmth and tender embrace by the source of my life itself.”

We shall all step forth together leaving behind the anchors of the past. Claim your lightness and rise.

In strength and alliance, in holy union, we your beloveds hold you and know you.

Brought forth in love,

David and Susan
January 1, 2017

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